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  1. lev36

    Best Way To Hang Strops? Your Best Idea...

    That is exactly the same location I hang mine - right beside the door. But the sink isn't near that, so I'm less likely to splash drops of water onto it.
  2. lev36

    When buying a new razor

    Thanks - do you have a favorite place to get a good restored vintage razor?
  3. lev36

    When buying a new razor

    My custom Portland Razor Co. came perfectly shave-ready; they hand finish every order (which means there's up to a two week wait before it ships, depending on how busy they are). I love it, and being new to SR shaving, thought it would be the only razor I'd ever need - but now that it needs...
  4. lev36

    The "Fool's Pass"

    I've only just recently shaved off my mustache and goatee, and hadn't even read about the Fool's Pass before now, but I quickly found how tricky it was! By accident, this is the technique I hit upon on my own, but maybe N-S plus a cross-grain pass would be better. I suppose I should check the...
  5. lev36

    Women using Straight Razors.

    Old thread, but nearly a decade later, there are a number of videos online of ladies who do just that. I think safety razors are probably more common for those who've ditched disposables, but it's definitely not unheard of to use a straight, and actually looks to be a good way to go! (see one...
  6. lev36

    Time to Embrace my Masculinity

    That's a whole 'nother topic, but a lot of women have a little facial hair. Some bleach it to be less noticeable, some wax it, I do know one who has tried shaving it, and another who just rolls with it, Frida Kahlo style. The women I've met on the B&B shaving forums are talking about shaving...
  7. lev36

    Movember 2019

    Anyone else going to grow a 'stache for Movember this year? I'll be shaving on Halloween to give mine a fresh start, and hopefully raise some money for men's health issues in the process.
  8. lev36

    Beard oil

    I'm a Proraso guy, and I freely admit that is due in part to the fact I've been studying Italian which has given me a bit of a bias. My skin is on the oily side and I break out easily myself, so I've been using their White line. Their "Crema Pre Barba" beard oil works really well for me - very...
  9. lev36

    Time to Embrace my Masculinity

    You know, it's interesting to me how straight-razor shaving is always talked about as the epitome of manliness, and to be fair, shaving old-school with a blade that COULD EASILY KILL YOU, requiring careful skill and respect for the tools, is pretty damn manly. But I find it to be both very...
  10. lev36

    Graduated sooner that expected!

    I'm loving the Spanish point - it really gives me a lot of control for areas requiring finesse, but is a more forgiving than a square or French point.
  11. lev36

    Is Neatsfoot the Only Oil Suitable for a Strop?

    I really like neatsfoot for leather; I've used it for years in several leatherworking projects. As for stropping, I've only just started shaving with a straight, so I haven't had to think about that yet. I just looked at the maker's page for the one I bought - Portland Razor - and it says they...
  12. lev36

    Best Way To Hang Strops? Your Best Idea...

    I've just started with a straight, and after three times I've realized leaving the strop in the bathroom hanging from the towel rack is not a good idea. To easy to get drops of water or towel lint on it when drying my hands or hanging my bath towel. I've been trying to think of a better place...
  13. lev36

    Graduated sooner that expected!

    Back in September when I got my Parker shavette as an inexpensive way to try out straight-razor shaving, I figured I'd use up the blades it came with and then move up to a traditional straight some time next year. But I saw the custom razor I was admiring selling out - Portland Razor Co. had...
  14. lev36

    Time to Embrace my Masculinity

    Welcome! I'm a relative newcomer too. :-)
  15. lev36

    Welcome, New Guys Come Say hello

    Oh, a DE - that makes sense. :)
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