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Recent content by Legacoid

  1. Legacoid

    The Fatip Testina Gentile is a DE89 Killer!

    I just got my Gentile. The initial couple of shaves were promising, in that it coped very well with some areas that typically give me hassle, but then I had trouble clearing my chin which is normally plain-sailing with my 6S. It's going to take time to adjust to it, but I think it'll be worth...
  2. Legacoid

    The Fatip Testina Gentile is a DE89 Killer!

    Thanks - and yep, I think I'm going to give it a go.
  3. Legacoid

    The Fatip Testina Gentile is a DE89 Killer!

    I've always been curious about the Gentile, and after this excellent review I've tipped over from "curious" into "severely tempted".
  4. Legacoid

    Stubble retracting beneath the skin turning into a BBS - magic or reality?

    Barring the odd experiment, it's the same blade type and razor every day. I think a key variable could be whether I'm shaving soon after a workout; I haven't tracked it but if I had to guess I'd say the delayed stubble retraction thing tends to happen on days when I shave after a hefty run /...
  5. Legacoid

    Tabactober 2020

    Really beautiful arrangement and shot!👌
  6. Legacoid

    Stubble retracting beneath the skin turning into a BBS - magic or reality?

    I do experience this strange phenomenon, but I also sometimes get the exact reverse - an area that feels stubble-free during the shave starts to feel ever so slightly rough a few minutes after the shave. My feeling is that both these apparently contradictory experiences are caused by the same...
  7. Legacoid

    Tabactober 2020

    A while back I was seduced by Proraso's white and green offerings, but I still have a stick of Tabac which I thoroughly enjoy using a few times each month, so please sign me up for Tabac with some slack!
  8. Legacoid


    Unlike probably most people here - who tend to be more sensible than me - my approach has always been "I'm getting a BBS no matter what, but I'll do what I can to minimize the collateral damage". First I eliminated cuts, then I phased out the weepers, and now if I take my time and prep right...
  9. Legacoid

    Planning a Rockwell 6c and Razorock Gamechanger Shootout...

    Looking forward to hearing what you settle on and why! I'd be interested to hear a bit more about why you disliked the RR BBS - I've never tried one myself but I am intrigued by the design and the claims made for them.
  10. Legacoid

    Proraso "super" formula: not sure if it's so super for me

    Good idea and easy enough to try - I'll see if it makes any difference. Grrr - why can't they just leave things alone when they've got it right!
  11. Legacoid

    Proraso "super" formula: not sure if it's so super for me

    A while back I took a strong liking to the white and green Proraso tubs; when the new "super" formula became mainstream in the UK I ordered three new white tubs and started racing through my existing non-super tubs to get to them faster (!). Now I've been using the new formula for a couple of...
  12. Legacoid

    Is Battery power taking over the lawn/garden business?

    ..unless you're in Scotland, where those hot engine fumes do a great job of keeping the blasted midges away ;)
  13. Legacoid

    A Divide in Wetshaving: Past vs Present

    Interesting thread! For many years I was quite happy with cart shaving, but ended up here when even the supermarkets pushed me towards the more expensive 5-blade options. Having made the switch I'm hooked on the better shave, the incredible variety and the skill development aspect. Currently...
  14. Legacoid

    What Got You Started?

    Refusing to pay through the nose for the big brand carts, I got by for years using various supermarket own-brand alternatives. One by one, these reasonably priced 3-blade systems were phased out in favor of more expensive 5-blade versions. It was a step too far for me. Looking for alternatives...
  15. Legacoid

    Proraso preshave cream

    I've only tried samples but my view aligns with the others here. If your prep (specifically moisture/hydration) is already good and not rushed, then you probably won't see much of a difference, if any. On the other hand if having a purpose-made product leads you to pay more attention to prep...
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