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  1. LCarter

    Open comb recomendation

    I'd like to know this as well.
  2. LCarter

    Baker's Dozen - Musical Corruption

    Your song is cooking something up! 1. Wok Don't Run ... The Ventures 2. Take It Over Easy ... The Eagles 3. Smells like Bar-B-Q... Nirvana
  3. LCarter

    Why synthetic?

    Couldn't agree more. There is much less fuss involved in a synthetic.
  4. LCarter

    Bay rum I guess the clove scent is not for me

    Right there with you! The only bay rum I ordered was a hard no for me. I PIF'ed it and felt bad about it.
  5. LCarter

    When is a soap no longer any good?

    Thank you!
  6. LCarter

    When is a soap no longer any good?

    I have two soaps from the same company that were granulated (not a homogeneous mixture) when I received them from the vendor. Has the soap begun to separate? Will rebatching the soap help with this?
  7. LCarter

    Barbasol emergency shave

  8. LCarter

    Micromatic Monday

    Today, I had my 1st Micromatic Monday shave. It was only my 2nd MMOC shave. The 2nd shave was better than the first. Maintaned a light touch throughout. Razor: MMOC Blade: GEM PTFE Soap: Stirling Piacenza Brush: Stirling 24mm Synth Post shave: Witch Hazel and cetaphil (Nothing Fancy) WTG...
  9. LCarter

    Micromatic Monday

    I can definitely see why people love these razors.
  10. LCarter

    Micromatic Monday

    Thanks to @MyOldKentuckyHome's generous PIF, I had my first shave with a GEM MMOC. Yowza, that was an aggressive shave! I have a tendency to use too much pressure, so I was really trying to keep it light. My first pass was good. I got too confident on the second pass. Thankfully, I only...
  11. LCarter


    Mail call today! I'm really excited to use the MMOC! Looks great! First shave should be Saturday. Thanks again for the razor and blades, @MyOldKentuckyHome!
  12. LCarter

    Bird Watching

    I have never seen a hummingbird like that. At first glance, you would think it is a moth.
  13. LCarter

    Bird Watching

    @Billski, you must be a professional photographer. Awesome pic! I am not, but I was sitting on the back deck with my lovely wife when this little guy paid us a visit. We use the Merlin app to help us identify our back yard birds. I actually got a House Finch to challenge me to a fight...
  14. LCarter


    Thank you! Coated GEMS seem to be hard to find, unless i want to buy 100.
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