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    Tabac going soft?

    I don't add water to the puck, I dampen the brush (squeeze excess water out) then swirl it on the puck. Periodically I dip the brush tips to pick up a little more water
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    Tabac going soft?

    I was building the lather on the puck. My other soaps lather ok using this method. BTW: an unrelated question, but I suppose the forum has no control over the adverts that are shown. Is there any review of them before they are allowed? I've noticed recently there are some extraordinarily poor...
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    Tabac going soft?

    I've been using Tabac in the included bowl (not exclusively) for a few months now. It started out as a hard puck, it is now rather soft and gooey, even softer than my Razorock XXX Fresco (another excellent soap). My MWF has stayed a hard puck. When I am done shaving I put the lid on and leave it...
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    How often do you change your blades?

    I tend to try to get as many days as I can out of a blade, which usually means 6 or 7. However I'm learning (still somewhat new at this) that it isn't worth trying to stretch it out to the maximum. After 3 or 4 shaves I notice that the efficiency drops off and I don't get as close shaves. It...
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    Personna Platinum vs Wilkinson Sword

    I found the Wilkenson Sword to be one of my more irritating blades. The Personna Platinum was much more comfortable.
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    Merkur 38c vs Rockwell 6s

    I guess I'm confused by the many statements that the 6S is large and clunky. It is true the head is thicker than the 38C head. but the extra thickness is beneath the blade and due to the double sided plate. There is no extra thickness to at the top, or between the blade and cap. That extra...
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    Merkur 38c vs Rockwell 6s

    I shaved this morning using the R4 plate, I was surprised with the closest, most comfortable shave in a while. I think the R4 plate is the sweet spot for me. aggressive enough to get good results, but seems to be smooth enough. Not sure why today was so much better. I put a new Treet Classic...
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    Merkur 38c vs Rockwell 6s

    I've used plates 1 - 5. Plates 1-3 are smoother but less effective. R3 is close though. R4 and R5 is more effective but also more irritating. The R4 plate too many days in a row gets me feeling a bit raw, R5 more so. I haven't tried R6. I think one issue is it takes an extra pass with the...
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    Merkur 38c vs Rockwell 6s

    I bought a Rockwell 6s a couple months ago, been experimenting with the various plates and leftover blades from my sampler. Some conclusions: blades that I didn't like in the 38C I also don't like in the Rockwell. I think maybe the R3 plate is the best plate for me. If I skip a couple days...
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    Viking DE Blades

    Mediocre blades for 4x the price.
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    Soap Acquisition Thread

    Thanks for the link. The place where I got it didn't have an ingredient list. I have now discovered there is more than 1 RazoRock XXX. This is what I actually got, it didn't have Fresco in the description and the jar doesn't have it either...
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    List all the exes and reason(s) of divorce.

    Vikings Blade Godfather. Combines inefficiency with a remarkable ability to inflict razor burn and draw blood. Wouldn't go back even for Helen. Merkur 38c has been very faithful. A Rockwell 6S has caught my and has me pondering...
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    What razor/blade did you use today

    Merkur 38C plus Astra SP. My 3rd shave on this blade, its starting to get irritating.
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    Williams Mug Shaving Soap

    I've been able to get a decent lather from it, and it does feel slick. But for whatever reason, it just doesn't work for me. Bad irritation and razor burn every time I shaved. That's about when I joined this forum, and discovered Tabac and MWF. After discovering those, I felt there was no reason...
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    New, non-tallow Tabac reviews go in here

    A problem not unique to this forum.
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