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  1. LaughingAtFate

    Case Temperite

    H O G T A H O O? what a weird name to call a razor Again, Very fine work! I think it's an interesting concept to have two totally different scales for each side..
  2. LaughingAtFate

    Brasso? What is it and can I use it?

    I've had reasonably good results outta "Metal Magic" from the same Coles Aisle as the Brasso/silvo don't know the exact formulation of it, but it seems to work quite well with Silver Steels in getting rid of gunk 'n stuff, and certainly seems to be finer then Brasso.
  3. LaughingAtFate

    Did I waste my money?

    In short, You got something for your money, I will guarentee you that :thumbup: However, When the P&H is more then the actual product's selling worth, it sorta implies that the product isn't exactly the best in regards to the quality :thumbdown But yeah, Like the man says, You Get What You...
  4. LaughingAtFate

    My review of the DE shavette world!

    I always wondered what the difference between all the Shavette type razors were... Now I have somewhat of a clue I wonder, Do you guys in the states get the Wahl branded ones? they seem to be constructed similarly to the Tri and the Dianne thingies That's sorta the only sort I've seen for sale...
  5. LaughingAtFate

    The 'C' Word

    I don't have any issue with referring to my razors as being straight, Heck, I can even say I'm on the straight and narrow with work these days.. But I certainly can't refer to myself as being totally straight:thumbup: Begs the question though, How many of us LBGT folk in this forum...
  6. LaughingAtFate

    Just one word

    The question I have is, Why Rush? take your time and just enjoy the shave! :thumbup1:
  7. LaughingAtFate

    Red spots on my face after shaving

    Possibly, just possibly, you're allergic to Nickel, which most Stainless Steels seem to have (in a greater or lesser then quality) it happens, I've known someone to go into anaphylactic shock due to having a stainless chain placed around their neck :thumbdown Do you have any reaction to other...
  8. LaughingAtFate

    A gift rather old and oddly shaped

    If that stone is a finishing stone (like a coti or thuri) then that's gotta be one hell of a sharp scythe... most Scythe stones seem to fall in the range of 100-500 I wouldn't attempt honing a razor on one of these myself
  9. LaughingAtFate

    Taping Spines

    Okay, I start with 1000 grit paper on glass, then 2000 grit paper, then I come off a 'fine' spyderco hone (flattened) to a balsa strop pasted with a metal polish, then the CrOx on the other side I suppose if I got myself a finer stone it might work better, but to my eyes, after the polish and...
  10. LaughingAtFate

    Taping Spines

    Okay, I've got a question about Taping a spine I understand the principle of it, and the 'protecting the spine' aspect of the operation, but well, I've a few questions about the angles and the like Does the tape adjust the angle of the edge to assist, or hinder the shave in any way...
  11. LaughingAtFate

    Help identify a str8

    Cursory glance over it suggests it doesn't need that much work, You could probably get away with just getting it honed up and shaving from there Though the bit missing off the scales makes it look shoddy as it were.
  12. LaughingAtFate

    Livi New Grind & Strop Damage

    Still worthwhile though! :thumbup:
  13. LaughingAtFate

    Differences between Bokers

    A brief guess? One's branded with the King Kutter logo, The other is branded with the Eidelwiess logo Maybe slightly slightly differences in the actual blade geometry somewhere, or possibly the scales on one were made out of a more 'luxurious' material Or (and I'm heavily leaning...
  14. LaughingAtFate

    Help identify a str8

    *looks at pictures* Yep, that's a straight razor alright, I'd recognise them anywhere :lol: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that it's an "American Beauty" as manufactured by the Worcester Razor Co. in Massachusetts. Not knowing the type of edge it has on it, I'd...
  15. LaughingAtFate

    How to hold a straight

    No, you aren't the only one So much fun, So little face... :thumbup:
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