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    Sight Unseen Razors from Whipped Dog

    I don't often respond on these messages, since I am the seller being referenced. About the Lilac aftershave... what doesn't kill you will make you stronger! :) (On the more serious side... noted.)
  2. LarryAndro

    Experience with Whipped Dog 24 mm silver tip knot

    All my responses are caught up to date, and have been for some months. Something must have gone into my spam folder. Don't worry! It will be replaced pronto! Go to my home page and my email is there. Try again, and if no luck PM me. Thanks, guys, for alerting me to this thread. Larry
  3. LarryAndro

    Witch Hazel Stories

    Straying from the thread, I like Texas a lot, which is where I currently live. The weather is milder, and that is great. But, I really miss the hills, creeks and rivers, springs and caves around Rolla.
  4. LarryAndro

    Witch Hazel Stories

    I was very familiar with witch hazel when young. I didn't know it was used after shaving. I had never seen a bottle of witch hazel. I knew absolutely nothing about its properties and characteristics. But, I still have to say I was quite familiar with the two word phrase "witch hazel." The...
  5. LarryAndro

    Whipped Dog

    Yes, that is a thin coat of Vaseline. I don't remove it before shaving, but it does no harm to wipe it off. Lather contains lubricants, lubricants are placed in strips on commercial blades in order to improve the shave experience. I used to wipe it off, but then started to wonder why? Either...
  6. LarryAndro

    Feather tto razor

    The above snippet comes from my midnight post last night. Midnight... not the best clear headed time for posting! PLEASE allow me to rephrase... My apology to everyone for handling this DE situation so GRACIOUSLY.
  7. LarryAndro

    Feather tto razor

    I replied earlier tonight, but my response isn't here now. I did it from another computer, and must not have properly posted the message. So, I will reply here again, but more briefly than before. I am fairly versant with straight razors, but not in the least educated about double edge...
  8. LarryAndro

    How important is the HHT?

    The hardest phase of shaving, in my opinion, is the beginning when you are shaving WTG reducing whiskers to skin level. So, skip that part! Shave with your old method WTG, and then shave with a straight razor. I suspect your experience will be better the rest of the shave. Next shave, use...
  9. LarryAndro

    "Wearing in" an edge?

    My better shaves are a couple shaves after shaving. But, that is personal preference. Some feel strongly otherwise. If you didn't strop, how many shaves could you get out of a straight razor before it pulled too much? Two? I think that implies that you shave with a honed edge for only two...
  10. LarryAndro

    Larry at Whipped dog straights needs some prayers

    Since the last response, the defibrillator/pacemaker has been placed and Katie has been discharged from the hospital. We (parents) stayed with her another couple weeks, but a day or two ago went home. When she came home, Katie couldn't walk but a few rods before being done for the day. In...
  11. LarryAndro

    Larry at Whipped dog straights needs some prayers

    A fried who isn't into shaving at all is monitoring this thread. She is astounded at the support you guys are giving me. But, I am not. This has been a tough year for me in general, and everyone has been so supportive. Expected, but unbelievable too! Two weeks ago, the doctors wondered...
  12. LarryAndro

    Larry at Whipped dog straights needs some prayers

    Katie works for Loma Linda university, and has good insurance. Loma Linda medical center is one of the top medical centers in the US, and that med center is about 100 feet from Katie's place of work. We are blessed.
  13. LarryAndro

    Larry at Whipped dog straights needs some prayers

    I am reading the posts here regularly. My emotions are pretty raw, and so don't reply often. Please understand that I am listening, and am touched very much. For the last day, we have been told that Katie will survive. Almost as good, she will in all likelihood be fine mentally. Undoubtedly...
  14. LarryAndro

    Larry at Whipped dog straights needs some prayers

    Thank you, guys. It is very clear how much everyone here cares about others, and thank you for caring so much about our family. I cannot begin to express how emotionally I responded when reading this message. I tell my friends all the time about this forum, about the friendship here. The...
  15. LarryAndro

    DFW Get-together?

    Will be there too.
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