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Recent content by lancre

  1. lancre

    Ginger Grant uses aftershave lotion

    Tied with Mary Ann, leaving Ginger in the dust!
  2. lancre

    Best blade for post war Gillette Tech?

    Feathers and Techs were made for each other! Accutec Labs and Med Preps barely a whisker behind, followed closely by Derby Premiums
  3. lancre

    Pass-Around: Who wants to try a Fatip Lo Storto Testina Originale?

    Very generous of you. I'd like to thank you for my turn with it.
  4. lancre

    And all this time, I thought they were Personnas.

    Voskhod & Rapira are made in Moscow. Gillette (P&G) is part owner of the St. Petersburg plant which makes Astra, most 7 O'Clock, Nacet, GSB, etc. So probably KCG as well.
  5. lancre

    Another MdC Giveaway

  6. lancre

    What is your Favorite mug/bowl/scuttle?

    I'm a shower shaver, so I want something unbreakable. I don't want to be barfoot in a shower stall with a bunch of broken crockery. Favorite mug to use: Marvy green Favorite mug to look at: Old Spice Favorite bowl: Timeless (Apologies to the Captain, but his unbreakables are $35-50...
  7. lancre

    Opinions on Arko Scent?

    Red coloring: mine I'd point out that urinal cakes are there to cover up the smell of the urinal. So Arko smells a lot better than the urinal. OTOH, it's too much fun to bust on the Arko-holics to ever give up on that.
  8. lancre

    What's the most overrated shaving cream?

    IMNSHO, most over-rated is Cella. It's the only cream that's ever gone bad on me. Most over-priced is AoS at their own stores. At Marshall's prices, it's not half bad.
  9. lancre

    Don't forget your technique!

    Probably. And it's also widely used as a preservative, so it should help you last longer, too!
  10. lancre

    The Novelty Has Worn Off

    Which is why you're not as bad as AA, presumably. Mind you, @FarmerTan's current avatar looks like his War Department is reaching out to smack him, so maybe he's concussed.
  11. lancre

    Don't forget your technique!

    OTOH, alcohol is a disinfectant.
  12. lancre

    The Novelty Has Worn Off

    OK, guys .... Time to crank it up!
  13. lancre

    Slickest Shaving Soap (or Cream)?

    1. WMS 2. MWF 3. Stirling 4. B&M 5. Dr. Jon's 6. Chiseled Face
  14. lancre

    what constitutes an expert

    Any regular here would qualify as an expert to the cartridge crowds. I'm in awe of the in-depth knowledge shown by some of our more knowledgable and experienced members.
  15. lancre

    what constitutes an expert

    "An expert is a man who knows just that much more about his subject than his associates. Most of us are nearer the top than we think. We fail to realize how easy it is, how necessary it is to learn that fraction more." William N. Hutchins
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