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  1. Lamar

    What is your "Sunday Best" lineup?

    On 6 days of the week I use whatever I want, but I reserve my G.F.T. Spanish Leather cologne for Sundays only. Love it!
  2. Lamar

    WARHAWK's 50 DE blades PiF . . .

    I'm in for the win!
  3. Lamar

    SHARE your "go to" top 5 work-out music with me . . .

    I have some equipment out in the garage but haven't used it in about 3 years. When I did work out outside I would always put in a Testament tape. Good ol thrash metal ya know. Well. I've decided that since I had turned...crap. I forgot how old I am... hold on... 44! Okay. I turned 44 this past...
  4. Lamar

    My 6th B&B Anniversary is coming.PIF time!

    Congrats on the 6th year anniversary! I'm in! It's hard to narrow a favorite cartoon character down so I had to spend a little time on this. In the end I had to go with the one cartoon character that always made me smile and that is Donald Duck. I guess I see a little of myself in his nature...
  5. Lamar

    Anniversary PIF

    Disregard my entrance post. Just noticed the date restriction. Hope you are doing well today!
  6. Lamar

    Anniversary PIF

    I'm In. Happy Anniversary! I hope and pray that a cure is found some day soon for you and others with this disease. Hang in there!
  7. Lamar

    Head Shavers - Tell me about your lathering technique and brush preferences

    1. - After loading from the tin of soap I go directly to head, unless it is a cream. 2. - I can do all 4 but I probably prefer boar. 3. - Any size will do me fine. 4. - I have soft water so lathering is easy
  8. Lamar

    List your Top 3 Shavers

    DE 1. 1960 Gillette Fatboy 2. Merkur 11c 3. Merkur 23c SE 1. Gem 1912 2. Gem Micromatic bullet-tip 3. Schick Injector adjustable
  9. Lamar

    She finaly surrendered

  10. Lamar

    3 Day PIF: My first brush resotre

    I'm in please.
  11. Lamar

    VDH Bowl Registry

    Got two of them.
  12. Lamar

    Pawn Stars Razor in Rite Aid

    I got it from my in-laws this past Christmas. I found it to be a decent mild razor.
  13. Lamar

    What one thing couldn't you live without?

    My recently acquired M-type Schick Adjustable Injector.