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    Been wanting to make this video for awhile.

    This is a fantastic video, thank you for uploading, Sir! My favourite every day razor is still the Henckels Rapide, but I use them only from time to time with the original wedge blade, maybe I should use them more often.
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    Le Touriste 1920s single edge razor + no name razor

    These machines are not put to work because you are not willing or able to use pliers and a drilling machine, what a shame.
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    Le Touriste 1920s single edge razor + no name razor

    normal GEM Blades are 39 mm x 19, the Feather FHS-10 are 39 x 17. maybe you should despine a GEM blade and drill some holes into. Just take the old one as template
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    Le Touriste 1920s single edge razor + no name razor

    Your unknown model will take wedge blades for sure, if you want to use a GEM blade try the adapter from Blade adapter (short) by riverrun - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2777434 The Le Tourist razor had two different versions, one with wedge blade and one with the blades you have. What are...
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    Most efficient yet mild razor

    Congratulations! My first shave with the FATIP Piccolo was a blood bath, but then it became my favourite DE shaver only beaten by some Henckels Rapide SE shavers.
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    Continuing my SE search

    I am in the vintage section too. I really love my wedgeblade SEs. While I am german I prefer Henckels Rapide and Mulcuto razors. You can load a Rapide with a GEM style blade which will give you very close shaves, BBS guaranteed. You can get about 5 to 8 shaves from one blade. If you are lucky...
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    Straight Razor Repair?

    Most of these just need a little polish, but get rid of the scales like foresaid.
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    opinions for a dive watch

    The mechanical dive watch today is only the backup for the dive computer like a Suunto.
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    What is your most efficient razor?

    For DEs: Fatip Piccolo OC Overall: Henckels Rapide SE, this gives me the smoothest shave ever.
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    What Soap Do You Consider The Best Value?

    Tabac, good performance, nice scent and it lasts a very long time.
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    First SE razor?

    I started SE shaving with a Rolls Razor, they are affordable and fun to use. If you get yourself a spare blade you'll have no costs for the next 100 years.:biggrin: Now I have a Mulcuto and two Henckels Rapide too.
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    opinions for a dive watch

    The Sinn EZM 3 is far out of the price range and Seiko has some quality issues in the sub 1k market. Things like not right set bezels, twisted dials and the like.
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    Newbie, inherited watches

    Please let these watches service before wearing them, else you risk damage on the movements.
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    Thoughts on preshave oils or creams

    I have a very dry skin and use coconut oil as a preshave around 5 minutes before starting to lather my face. It is not improving my shave, but moisturizing my skin, so I have less irritation.
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    3 pass question

    This is pretty normal, because your hair grows in length, when it is getting wet, when it is dried again is shrinks to its normal size.