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  1. kzoo1

    A conclusion about Williams Mug Shave Soap

    Funny. I just picked up the Aqua Velva gift pack at Walgreen's yesterday and decided to use the Williams that came with it. I've been using C.O. Bigelow (Proraso) cream exclusively for a few years now so it was different. Good soap - let it soak, used a wet brush and had a good shave. Am I...
  2. kzoo1

    WTS E Type Injector

  3. kzoo1

    WTS E Type Injector

    Sale pending...
  4. kzoo1

    WTS E Type Injector

    I'd like to sell an E-Type Injector. Razor is in good shape. Asking $15.00 shipped in US. Will ship international for cost of shipping. PayPal please. Thanks!
  5. kzoo1

    Post-lather Delay?

    I was surprised when I ordered Proraso cream instead of C.O. Bigelow (same stuff I know) to see the instructions recommended letting the lather sit for a minute prior to shaving. My pre-shave (if you can call it that) is to massage a small amount of cream on my beard using my hands, take care...
  6. kzoo1

    So how much burn do you get from alcohol splashes?

    It's funny, once I started getting good shaves with my DE, I don't get any burn. Doesn't matter if it's the AV or Clubman or Proraso, I don't get any burn. Just goes to show you haw a good shave with good tools can make all the difference.
  7. kzoo1

    Anyone use just one cream?

    Yep. I only use one cream. I'm happy with it and don't see the need to try anything else, especially when I kept going back to the one I liked most after trying others. (C.O. Bigelow/Proraso if you're wondering :001_smile)
  8. kzoo1

    My wrist stinks

  9. kzoo1

    My wrist stinks

    I use nylon straps on almost all of my watches. I used to have the stinky wrist/strap issue as well; however, thanks to this site I found a solution that works for me. I use an alum bar after my shaves- somewhere I read that alum can be used as a deodorant, so I started rubbing the alum on my...
  10. kzoo1

    Are there any Kayak fishermen in here?

    I have fished from my kayak. It's a cheapo 10 footer sit in style. It's OK for fishing still water, but I always struggle with the gear and sometimes the rod. I have used it to fish a river, it worked OK, I would float to a spot get out and fish, then float to the next spot, etc. I prefer...
  11. kzoo1


    I love my Chacos. Bought the Z2 on Sierra Trading Post. These things are bulletproof. Great for hiking, offer as much support as a good low hiking shoe. They dry very quickly and are very comfortable. I wear them everywhere in the summer. Great for wading a river or hopping in and out of...
  12. kzoo1

    Look What I Found Tucked Into A Case! (Hint: It isn't a Declaration of Independence)

    Very interesting since $4.50 was quite a bit of money back in the day. According to one online inflation calculator it is roughly the equivalent of $54.00 today. Very cool find! Congrats!
  13. kzoo1

    Do you primarily use one cream or rotate different brands & scents?

    One cream. Found the one that works for me and I see no need to look any further. (However - I am in the minority here! :blink:)
  14. kzoo1

    inexpensive but good quality sun glasses

    Interesting thread. I recently picked up a pair of Suncloud polarized for $49 before tax. Not the same optic quality of my Smiths but for half the price what do you expect? I picked up the Sentry with the green mirror lens. I have fished several days in them this season and they work well.
  15. kzoo1

    There's something to be said about a one pass shave

    Started my DE career with a two pass daily shave. Since switching to the the Slim I've gone to a one pass daily shave. I get a SAS that way and I don't really feel the need for a daily BBS since it grows back anyway. Usually on Saturdays I will go for a BBS shave, but then I won't shave again...
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