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    Your Top 3 'everyday' Splash

    I usually go for : Stetson Cooling Moisture Proraso Red Irosch Moos
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    How long does a shaving cream tube lasts for you?

    I go heavy on creams, so they only last me a little while. I get far more mileage from soaps. I rarely get much longevity from tubes of cream.
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    Tabac impressions update....

    I've been digging Tabac as well. The scent has grown on me, and the performance is great.
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    Derby lemon vs derby menthol

    I like the Derby creams. Easy to lather, decent slickness, face feel is alright, and the price is right. It's my favorite inexpensive cream. I actually like the Lavender best, but the Lemon is good too. I haven't tried the Menthol or the Original yet. I have, and will, buy them again.
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    ClubmaN Special Reserve info

    Only one version of the Special Reserve, and it's great stuff. Buy it.
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    Well this came in today.... (Tabac content)

    I have used Tabac twice this week, and it's awesome. Easy to load, a little goes a long way, thick protective lather, and the scent is great.
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    Well this came in today.... (Tabac content)

    I got mine in the mail last week, but haven't used it yet. I am enjoying the scent though.
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    Cremo Bourbon Cream?

    My local Wal-Mart has it. I haven't picked it up yet though, since I happened to see it in passing.
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    Your Top 10 Aftershaves

    These are my top 10 out of what I have used so far, since I haven't tried everything. 1. Irisch Moos 2. Stetson CM 3. Cella 4. Proraso Red 5. Pinaud Special Reserve 6. Pinaud Bay Rum 7. AV Ice Blue 8. Pinaud Clubman 9. Brut 10. (Old) Old Spice This list may change when I get the chance to try...
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    - Edge Shaving Gel VS Gillette's Shaving GEL -

    The Gillette sensitive is pretty good for what it is. I have a can that I got as a gift, and it's decent.
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    derby shave sticks

    I love Arko, but haven't used the Derby stick. I hear most tend to like the Derby scent better, and it has equal performance. All soaps work, it is just a matter of preference, and what works best with your skin. I think artisan soaps, and more mass market soaps are good, so it's up to the...
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    Who taught you how to Wet Shave?

    Watching my brother in law shave showed me simple technique, but I am a self taught wet shaver. My father used carts, so I never learned from him.
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    Body Shop Maca Root Review & Other Ramblings

    Solid cream. I love the scent, and the performance is great. Excellent cushion and slickness, definitely deserves it's reputation.
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    What’s your top cream that doesn’t get much love on this forum?

    Not enough love for Derby Creams here. My favorite is probably the Lavender, but I have seen folks say the Lemon is king.
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    Dove +Care Men brushless

    I got a nice lather from the Dove Hydrate + cream. Used a brush and bowl and got a nice peaky lather. Decent stuff, and I would buy again.
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