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  1. krawlx

    No brush stand

    I hadn't used a stand in years, and despite no negative effects, was worried about the water seeping into the base day after day. So I used wire cutters to cut a piece from a clothes hanger. I then wrapped that around the end of the brush, and took the two end pieces and found a place I could...
  2. krawlx

    Pacquiao v. Margarito

    I was quite happy to see Margarito get thoroughly beaten. I though the first two rounds were well-contested, but the body shot in the third really seemed to take all the steam out of Margarito. From that point on he was hunched over a bit more, and then just became a punching bag. More...
  3. krawlx

    Pacquiao v. Margarito

    Thought I would give this thread a bump now that the first two episodes of 24/7 are out. HBO, either by reality or editing, has shown that Pacquiao's camp is in disarray while Margarito's camp seems to be very, very focused on the task at hand. Has this managed to sway anyone's thoughts on the...
  4. krawlx

    Pacquiao v. Margarito

    On the Manny PED issue, only a few people know for sure. I certainly hope that he hasn't, because that might be a disastrous blow for boxing. The sport is already in disrepair because some fighters *ahem* are ducking others. But, with Mayweather now potentially facing legal troubles over a spat...
  5. krawlx

    Pacquiao v. Margarito

    I feel like there should be a Cotto - Margarito rematch, but every time I think about that I then think of Cotto's face at the end of the Margarito fight. Not a pretty picture. In any case, for your viewing pleasure a link to the Face Off Interview with the fighters, trainers, and Max Kellerman.
  6. krawlx

    African Black Soap?

    I am certainly not the best expert on this as I don't live in the U.S. at the moment, but I've never heard this soap even mentioned here on the B&B. But the name alone warrants a purchase and a trial.
  7. krawlx

    New to B&B

    Welcome to B&B. Let the madness begin.
  8. krawlx

    Pacquiao v. Margarito

    I tend to agree that Pacquiao is going to win this fight. The Margarito supporters make a lot of noise about the type of pressure that he applies, but I'm not so sure that it's going to be so effective here. When he does try to apply pressure, I think Pacquiao has the ability to thwart that...
  9. krawlx

    Pacquiao v. Margarito

    Thought I'd post a thread for thoughts and comments on the upcoming fight between these two. I can't say I'm really looking forward to it, as I generally disagree that Margarito should be able to cash such a large paycheck after the hand wrap fiasco. But, I guess I would rather see this fight...
  10. krawlx

    Anybody drink sake?

    I go through phases of drinking sake. It depends on the company I'm with and being sick of the other foods available. These days I am eating a lot of sushi and going to a lot of izakayas, so my sake intake has spiked. I generally just order the house sake, which is fine for a night of...
  11. krawlx

    Help! Wedding attire

    I am in agreement with the above. The slacks and shoes will work, but you should definitely rethink the shirt tie. Personally, I am not a fan of a shirt without a jacket, so as has been mentioned you should check out the local thrift shops. Be sure to lose the white tie. Very, very difficult...
  12. krawlx

    Monk strap shoes

    Those C&J monks look great.
  13. krawlx

    Wearing blades evenly

    ^ Exactly.
  14. krawlx

    Monk strap shoes

    ^ Agreed. For $250 you can find something better. I don't care at all for the white stitching, and particularly don't like the thick stitches around the front of the shoe. Keep looking.
  15. krawlx

    So i didn't really want my neck anyway

    The hard water is such an important factor in not being able to build lather. On my first trip to visit my parents in the U.S. after I started wet shaving I had a series of the worst shaves I've ever had. I couldn't build lather, and while I didn't cut myself, I came out with bumps all over my...