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    Sodium Carbonate vs Sodium Bicarbonate for Brush Cleaning

    The best thing I read about badger shaving brushes is to treat them like your own human hair. The largest reason why silvertip badger is considered the best material for a shaving brush is because it absorbs the water much like human hair, and allows to whip up something suitable to apply to...
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    Not impressed with RazoRock Hive 24 brush

    A synthetic isn't going to have scrub, period. I really question people claiming a synthetic has scrub to it. The only ones that are going to have that are the older stuff, and they aren't going to be enjoyable. The newer stuff out there now, it doesn't have any backbone to it. I agree with...
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    What sets an expensive high end brush apart from a cheaper high end brush

    The amount of hair and the type of hair are the primary factors in what separates one high end brush from a cheaper high end. Plain and simple. It's the hair you use on your face. You can add in fancy handle material options, and that will increase the price too, but with brushes it's the hair...
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    Paladin compared to Lee Sabini

    The M&F Finest knots are frankly all over the place. Some like 2-band Heritage, some that are a mix between Finest and Blonde, and more. I have one of the Heritage II Blonde from when they were first introduced and found it closer to what Blonde was like when it was first introduced. The hair is...
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    FSOT Yardley BL, Brushes/Knots, Razors, Avon AS/Col, Soap

    Don’t see VP Leonhardys come up often, but a great brush. other Great deals too! Glwts!
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    Paladin compared to Lee Sabini

    Yeah, I've had brushes that go off into that and I don't like that. Even for the ones I really like it on, it can be a miss sometimes and make me question whether I really want to keep it. I know the answer is yes, it just wasn't the day for me to enjoy it. I'm not going through the hassle of...
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    Paladin compared to Lee Sabini

    I believe you can get luxurious soft natural without the gel tips. I consider Plisson HMW to be good but I have heard reports that later on the quality dropped. I thought I saw you had it from 2009 for some reason. VP Leonhardy is probably the softest one I can think of for right now for...
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    Paladin compared to Lee Sabini

    Honestly there is no comparison. The closest competitor I ever found to Finest was Blonde badger, and that tapered off over time. Both hairs are overall stiffer than most of the Paladin knots. You will find some batches that have a stiffer hair, which is my personal preference. More of a natural...
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    High density badger lathering

    It's all been pretty much said. There are many valid tips, but honestly the largest one is you need to use more product normally, and even then squeezing the knot down to get the lather to the tips and then using as light as possible motions is what's going to help the most. Practicing with such...
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    Are Rooney Brushes Still Sold un Truefitt and Hill?

    The Super is silvertip, it’s just not as sorted as heritage was. All T&H used the Super classification of hair. Silvertip, or heritage as Rooney called it, was reserved for the heritage range. The ones directly from T&H look to be better sorted and such, but for my money and what I have...
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    Are Rooney Brushes Still Sold un Truefitt and Hill?

    Really I feel this is the best on it. Only part I wouldn't agree with is the giant made Rooney brushes not being made in 2013-2015 as I feel certain I saw them before then. The hair in them is much better looking quality than any there listed on the sight. Looking at the few photos available I...
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    Softest Simpsons Hair

    If you want to throw another wrinkle into this, get yourself a brush from what is commonly called Pre-Vulfix Simpson when it was owned by David Carter. You could do this as well with the original Simpson family, but not as easily with the Somerset handles that remain their creamy rose hue and...
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    Softest Simpsons Hair

    This isn't an easy question to answer, and is much more nuanced than it might seem to be. I have a wall of text but not sure if it would help enlighten or just confuse and deleted that, but as I try to rewrite I'm not sure this second rewriting will work. My rating would be: 1. Best 2. 3-band...
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    New brush!!!

    The Omega silvertips don't get a lot of press for how soft they are. Even their Super line is quite soft but it is quite the step up when you go to the silvertip line. I have a 6144 coming as it was recently on sale. Great in-laws to gift such a brush to you!
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    Simpson Handles

    I believe they have done the M7 in real horn in the past. It never hurts to ask. I've never noticed a difference between wood and resin, but then I don't have a large sample variance to work with. It is entirely possible though.
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