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    What did you learn from your last shave?

    making angle guides is easy fold a piece of paper with a square corner so the adjacent sides meet __ |\ ---> |\ one fold = 45 deg (hard working tools, micro bevels) two fold = 22.5 deg (standard pocket/hunting knives) three fold = 11.25 (fine work knives, skinning/filet knives)
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    Most beneficial upgrade?

    Would add a couple of cotton balls and map the growth of your beard if you haven't already. This will add so much understanding to why you are getting irritation/stubble in the wrong places when you are shaving. Some books/websearching on how blades work also would not be a bad idea. Knives...
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    DE shaving won't save you money.

    I have finally hit a balance: I run a wee scott (works good for both travel and home) ~20 Merkur Slant ~40 Lab blues (have bought enough to keep me for a couple of decades) bought at 9¢/blade each are good for 2-3 shaves Took to face lathering so no need for a lather cup 3 soaps: Porasso green...
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    Is Arko the best for cheapskates?

    I'm a big fan of a bowl of porasso at $10 It will likely last you a year or more, depending on your habits. And that really is the question, how long will 12 sticks of arko last? Or are you looking to group buy with a bunch of folks near you? Also how much space do you have to store all that...
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    Rookie mistakes?

    +a gabillion
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    How do you rationalize shipping costs?

    shop w/folks that offer free worldwide shipping over a certain price point. Buy at least the minimum.
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    PSA from a new user of Clubman Talc

    Socks are amazing distribution devices :)
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    Best Vendors for Blades This is the spreadsheet I have started to compare costs, has links to which shops and prices.
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    Help a newb out with a setup

    The numbers are different styles (could be handle/head) and the g denotes gold, c denotes chrome.
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    1st shave completed

    Congrats, welcome to the show. It will get better.
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    Is this for me?

    Congrats, As you get used to using less pressure and adjusting angles. Things will go smoother.
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    Welcome to the show.
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    Lasting interest or a novelty? This is the spreadsheet I have started to compare costs, has links to which shops and prices.
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