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Recent content by kobayashi

  1. kobayashi

    Apollo Mikron problem

    Unfortunately, I don't have a key. But I plan to make one :smile1:
  2. kobayashi

    Apollo Mikron problem

    Thanks guys. I'll try to solve the problem. If there is any video about it, I would appreciate it if you give me a link 🙂 I found something similar about Merkur progress, can I do the same with Apollo and solve the problem?
  3. kobayashi

    Apollo Mikron problem

    Hello all, I have apollo mikron adjustable safety razor and ben hur. With Apollo have small problem. When I put blade in the razor and close it to the end, everything is fine. But, when I start to adjust it, there is no firmness, and the cap can move up and down, and also knob can move up and...
  4. kobayashi

    Morris & Forndran "Disco" 2XL Heritage Hair

    Absolutely adorable!
  5. kobayashi

    What's Your Brush Today?

  6. kobayashi

    How Much Do You Pay For a Haircut?

    Twice a month, haircut, washing the hair and massage 3.5$ including tip :thumbup:
  7. kobayashi

    Recognition of safety razor

    I think I found the origin of this DE. (: USSR :) Some guy on ebay say: "Vintage very rare Russian/USSR nos bakelite safety razor" -if he can be trusted :001_cool:
  8. kobayashi

    Recognition of safety razor

    How to transfer this into the razor forum? :blushing:
  9. kobayashi

    Recognition of safety razor

    Hi all, i need little help in recognition of safety razor. Here is pictures and if anyone know mark or tipe pls let me know :blushing:
  10. kobayashi

    kobayashi's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    thanks for welcoming with a small delay
  11. kobayashi

    Newbies, show off your gear!

    Yes, I quit smoking 9 months ago, and now I have beautiful decorations
  12. kobayashi

    I need a new toothpaste. Something unique.

    If you believe Pharma industry :laugh: I am sure that 99% of all stuff is chemistry. The point is that the entry of toxins reduced to a minimum. Let's help a man to choose a new toothpaste :001_smile
  13. kobayashi

    Facial bar soap

    I use this soap manufacturer , its not bad. I asked to bring me a traditional Italian shaving soap and got this :001_smile http://www.whitecastle.it/shop/saponette/65-vegetale-con-allantoina.html
  14. kobayashi

    I need a new toothpaste. Something unique.

    pay attention if you care :001_rolle