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  1. Klovgren

    Question about Handles

    If you wouldn't mind, can you describe what it is you love about them? Weight, length, form, color, size, fit in your hand, sorry to ask so many questions, love to hear but some people don't use as may adjectives as I would. Women (I) use 3 times as many words. As much detail would be awesome...
  2. Klovgren

    Question about Handles

    Thanks! what are your favorite knots? Is it size of knot or type? Or do you use the synthetic in a well known handle? Or vintage et al. Again, sorry top be so long, I didn't think anyone answered....thanks for being patient, K
  3. Klovgren

    Question about Handles

    Hey, sorry I didn't set email to see if anyone responded - so I assumed no one did. So, the production what would you think would be more accurate? I thought I was being generous. My experience is in plastics, pennies was the production cost and hundreds or dollars were the sale price, in...
  4. Klovgren

    Question about Handles

    Hey, y'all! I have tried to think of the most polite way to ask a question about brush handles. I am not being flippant about anyone's handle, may I ask about the handles that come from the most famous brands. Now, gently, of the modern handles are made (not including , ivory, bakelite, the...
  5. Klovgren

    Need some help looking for something

    Ditto scientific supply is probably less expensive. Here are a couple of similar: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Karter-Scientific-Plastic-Test-Tube-Rack-Stand-50-Tube-Holder-12-13mm-/171529914745 The wood one might be nice too - you could stain it to match your décor...
  6. Klovgren

    TGN High Mountain White

    If you are going to set it in epoxy for the final setting Loctite Marine epoxy is excellent (YMMV) but from our experience, once it is set it is done for the rest of the life of the knot and handle (set up time is long longer than 1/2 hour depending on temp). Basically, if there is a mistake...
  7. avm


  8. Klovgren

    Advice for newbs from a newb

    Hi! when you said "adding my own little ingrediants to make a great shave even better" what did you add and why?
  9. Klovgren

    Hello from outside Philadelphia

    Hi! Welcome aboard! We are in Bangor closer than New Zealand further than Horsham. What made you start wet shaving?
  10. Klovgren

    Beard-loving cats

    The nibbling and biting is typical mama cat behavior (former show cat breeder) Just trying to make sure it's clean. Also, mama's do much the same thing and then bit off their kittens whiskers when they are babies...sort of trying to make the kitten think it's smaller and to stay in the...
  11. Klovgren

    face lotion with sunscreen?

    For drug store - Neutrogena spf `100+ is excellent. For department store - moisturizer combo anything from Clarins. Clarins started out as a sunscreen company way back when. Cannot recc. them enough. But I am very fair (Swedish decent - red hair and blank piece of paper white skin tone).
  12. Klovgren

    The girl of my dreams tore my heart out.

    Hey, I am sorry you are going through a lot right now. After being in Mental Health for a lot of years (and all that school) here's the most important thing, you. It has been studied and time and again, the way through our personal challenges is through a combination of talk therapy and, if...
  13. Klovgren

    Best Shaving Soap? - Make your Own

    Parchment on the inside. I will try it. I used Vaseline for the slip. I wonder how I am boogering it up......I have done this a zillion ways with little difference lol. Thanks!
  14. Klovgren

    Best Shaving Soap? - Make your Own

    FYI - for those interested retail me not has a coupon code for the essential depot Submit This Coupon 20% Off Code SHIP20 Show Coupon Code I have tried the cylinder method for making pucks (3"). PVC Pipe with a stopper and later used air compressor to extract the soap. Don't use too...
  15. Klovgren

    Hole size or knot size. what's real.

    Please don't forget that knots will vary. Sometimes, it about a half a mm either way. You just have to adjust a wee bit for it. As far as loft, my prediction is that it will vary as much as every user. Not only height but firmness and backbone. We have adjusted backbone by flattening out...
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