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Recent content by kirill

  1. kirill

    Black garlic bread

    I'm pretty sure that was attempted at some point, in the wiki maybe, but I remember trying to look through it and having some problems. Maybe I'm mis-remembering but I think there were a bunch of dead links. At any rate, while a great idea, it would take a fair amount of effort to get it...
  2. kirill

    my new custom brushes - Wolf Whiskers Shaving Brushes

    B.a.d. for wolf whiskers? Bad... wolf. Bad wolf! This was presented to you by Dr. Who references most people won't get. Thank you.
  3. kirill

    Newbie from Norway . Waiting for my first order.

    Shavettes don't really have much of a following that I'm aware of, most of the ones I've seen are really quite inexpensive, with the quality only really determined by which DE blade you choose to snap in half to put inside. As for your starter kit, proraso makes good products, so with patience...
  4. kirill

    Non-glued blades

    Med preps all the way. Great blades.
  5. kirill

    Is Technology killing handwriting?

    Well, as I said, I wasn't looking to invalidate what's being said, but it is interesting, to me at least, that the things many people on this forum remember fondly are the very things the generation before complained about. Whether or not our views are correct, and I repeat, I do agree that...
  6. kirill

    Is Technology killing handwriting?

    http://xkcd.com/1227/ XKCD did a comic on a similar topic, giving something of a different perspective on this. I would have put the image in my post, but I felt it was a bit big. Give it a read though, and for the record, I'm not trying to dismiss what's being said, I appreciate writing by...
  7. kirill

    One wallet that will last forever!

    I can vouch for Saddleback. I find that it scuffs fairly easily, but it's constructed very solidly, and I don't see it falling apart any time soon.
  8. kirill

    Cookbook Suggestions

    Yep, I'm a Laval boy, I have some friends who went to college there, Champlain. Glad you made the move to Ontario? And yes, there does seem to be a concensus on those 3, I'm looking forward to recieving them, I have some reading in my future, and quite a bit of learning too, I'm sure.
  9. kirill

    Cookbook Suggestions

    Thank you all for your suggestions, when I'm ready to move on to specifics, I'm sure I'll find this thread a handy reference, for now I'm going to give Abebooks a shot, because why not, and pick up a copy of Larousse Gastronomique and Mastering the Art of French Cooking, since they're priced...
  10. kirill

    Cookbook Suggestions

    Since moving out on my own, I've developed a taste for cooking, and I've had a lot of fun experimenting with different recipes I find online, mixing and matching, getting it just right, but this entire time I've been meaning to pick up a proper cookbook, both for inspiration, and so I can have a...
  11. kirill

    Only one Penhaligon's - Which one?

    I definitely need to refresh my memory of the Pen's scents I have, but from memory, English Fern tops the list.
  12. kirill

    10 years shaving and still not happy

    Hello schtick, welcome to Badger and Blade! I'd say that you've come to the right place. From what you've described (coarse facial hair and persistent razor bumps) I think your shaving experience could be immensely improved by using that "relic" of your father's or perhaps a newer one like...
  13. kirill

    Resale Shop Find

    Yeah... safe bet you didn't overpay, congratulations on your purchase!
  14. kirill

    Oh No! another obsession

    If you're using the Wilkinson brush I'm thinking of, you should really consider an upgrade ;) welcome to B&B!
  15. kirill

    size of this wade buthcer

    I've got one just like that, I love that look
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