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  1. kingfisher

    Above the Tie SE Slant

    If it doesn't actually torque the blade, but rather just cants it, I have no interest whatsoever. I spent years refining my 'slide' technique with all my razors. This technique allows me to use a slicing motion no matter what razor I am using. So-called slants that only put the blade at an angle...
  2. kingfisher

    Above the Tie SE Slant

    Can anybody even see the tiniest bit of slanting in the picture on their website? To me it looks exactly like their normal SE1. What am I missing?
  3. kingfisher

    Grape Scented Shave Soap???

    Why in the world would anybody want to have a shave soap that smelled like grapes? I mean, most "grape-scented" stuff actually smells like grape candy and not at all like real grapes, anyway. And it's not a good scent for a shave soap. It just isn't. Back in the day I got excited to try a...
  4. kingfisher

    FS Straights, stones and scales

    Are the scales acrylic or are they celluloid?
  5. kingfisher

    Smoothest stainless steel razors?

    For a less expensive option, consider the Meta4 razor from Phoenix Artisan Accountrements.
  6. kingfisher

    New addition found at antique barn.

    First, find out if it has the final 1/4 turn lock. This will determine how long you have to soak it in warm soapy water. Take a bucket, put in some Dawn dishwashing liquid, and then add warm/hot water. Take said Fatboy and put it into said water. If it still has its 1/4 turn, leave it in...
  7. kingfisher

    ID please

    What Adam said. Nice British flat-bottom NEW baseplate; a bit of a variant. I have one of these razors. Fantastic shaver.
  8. kingfisher

    need some help with zingari man

    This is genius. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  9. kingfisher


  10. kingfisher

    Blackland Era email

    I guess the novel aspect of it is that, although it is stainless steel, it was 3D printed.
  11. kingfisher

    EBAY DIGEST: Interesting Shaving Related Recent Sales Recap

    Wow, that took an unexpected turn.
  12. kingfisher

    Shave Roulette

    This is awesome. I took about a three-shave break from Roulette and chose my own stuff...I have an old container of vintage Williams that is almost gone and I want to shave through it and get the container out of my way. Maybe I'll let the spin determine my razors and brush, though.
  13. kingfisher

    What am I doing wrong?

    Put the blade in so the sharp side sticks out. :lol: Just kidding, of course. I had blades from Try-a-blade that were just terrible. I think sometimes they bounce around inside their little cardboard holder and just get almost completely dull.
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