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  1. Kilroy6644

    Post a photo of you having a smoke...

    Finishing off Morgan Monday with some G&H Black Cherry Twist in the Dreadnought.
  2. Kilroy6644

    Tobaccusitions August 2020

    It's here! A Peterson Sherlock Holmes was always on my wishlist, but out of my price range. I would eye the Kinsale line (same shapes, but lower price), but even those were at the top end of my range, so I never pulled the trigger. But with a $200 birthday present, and the Sherlock Holmes...
  3. Kilroy6644

    What Brown leaf 'good stuff' are you waiting on to be delivered?

    I got a $200 prepaid Visa card for my birthday. I spent a couple of weeks trying to decide whether to replace some books I lost to water damage, or buy pipes and tobacco. In the end, I decided to dip into my savings and do both. So, after lots of cart shuffling, ordering, canceling, and...
  4. Kilroy6644

    Café Acquisition Thread

    My wife bought me a Keurig for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, along with an assortment of Wal-Mart brand cups. I've since bought more varieties. I really like it. I'm not a coffee connoisseur, so I find both the grounds and the brewing method perfectly acceptable. The convenience is wonderful.
  5. Kilroy6644

    Tobaccusitions August 2020

    Not a fan of Constantine (comics, movie, or show), but I picked up this lighter, because it looks cool. Google tells me the character carries a Zippo, but I think this style is better suited to the imagery on the case, and I'm not concerned about accuracy.
  6. Kilroy6644

    A few pre-war items

    Beautiful guns! The Colt Vest Pocket and the Beretta are very high on my wishlist. My only '03 is also a 1906 but not as pretty as yours. I'm pretty sure I've posted pictures of it before.
  7. Kilroy6644

    Post a photo of you having a smoke...

    Bengal Slices in a Blackjack bulldog, being lit with a (awkwardly held to show the logo, before pocket wear erases it) Bengal Slices lighter, which was a cheap add-on to a tobacco order.
  8. Kilroy6644

    Tobacco Acquirements July 2020

    I left mine alone to color naturally too. It really is a great pipe, and one of the few exceptions to my personal rule of only buying bulldogs (and Rhodesians) that have the double bead lines (the others being my Bones Zuludog, and my Missouri Meerschaum bulldogs).
  9. Kilroy6644

    Tobacco Acquirements July 2020

    The Fat Calabash is now the Dreadnought.
  10. Kilroy6644

    Tobacco Acquirements July 2020

    Got some new Morgan Bones today (yesterday, technically). Capped Calabash, Fat Calabash, and Balldog. I'm really happy with the size of these pipes, compared with the other Bones I have (excluding the Radiator bowl). Chamber-wise, my first three aren't small, but it's nice to have something...
  11. Kilroy6644

    What Are You Reading?

  12. Kilroy6644

    July photo contest - Sunrise or sunsets

    For the purposes of the competition, "recent" generally means that it is taken in response to the challenge. Exceptions can , and have, been made, but that's the general rule. The idea is to not dig through the archives looking for the perfect picture, but to go out and take a new one.
  13. Kilroy6644

    July photo contest - Sunrise or sunsets

    Man, I wish I had seen this a couple days ago. I got a good one Saturday evening.
  14. Kilroy6644

    Brown Leaf Newbie Check-In & General Chat

    So does anyone else coordinate their tobacco pouch with their underwear, or is it just me? (Not really. I just happened to notice the similarity when I was doing laundry.)
  15. Kilroy6644

    I just want to hang a pipe from my face and smell tobacco, but I don't want to smoke.

    I've never really done that. I always end up actually smoking it. But I frequently will take a few sips before I light it, and it's always nice. Especially since I tend to smoke too fast. I like to think the unlit flavor is closer to the ideal smoking flavor than what I usually get. Aromatics...