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Recent content by Kenno

  1. Kenno

    B&B Photo Contest-January 2013 Winner !

  2. Kenno

    B&B Photo Vote!-December

    No, Syd.
  3. Kenno

    Just tried Mitchell's for the first time.

    Connought has it for 25 bucks + ship. Not bad for the best soap plus a bowl?
  4. Kenno

    Is it un-manly for guys to use women facial products?

    Wow, there's a cure for ugliness in a bottle? Well I better step up cause I got a head like a dropped pie!
  5. Kenno

    Favorite Spirits - TOP SHELF ONLY

    ardbeg, laphroaig quarter cask (love that dirt/earthy taste) and evan williams single barrel or jack daniels single barrel. jd sb over crushed ice in summer.
  6. Kenno

    B&B Photo Vote!-December

    Light, what there is left of it.
  7. Kenno

    Just tried Mitchell's for the first time.

    I would go as far to say that the people who think they have an allergic reaction to lanolin actually have razor burn from a bad lather/shave. I thought I was one of those, but now after 100 shaves with a proper lather no such thing! It's actually a very mild soap suitable for many skin types...
  8. Kenno

    Time to Vote - B&B November Photo Contest

    Živjeli Hrvat
  9. Kenno

    B&B Photo Vote!-December

    great shot
  10. Kenno

    Help: budget irish whisky

  11. Kenno

    Is it un-manly for guys to use women facial products?

    Of course it is. Do you honestly think a woman will think of you as a man when you use more product than her? You can spot the try hard man a mile away, don't be a try hard, it's a terrible look for a man. A man needs to be cool and understated. Sorry to say but the day is coming or has...
  12. Kenno

    What were some of the myths/fibs and lies you tell your kids or were told yourself?

    I was told if I swallowed grape seeds the vines would grow out of my ears or if I stared into the wind cross-eyed I would stay cross-eyed. I believed them all! A friend of mine came up with a good one the other day and told his kids while in the shopping mall, "you see those cctv cameras, they...
  13. Kenno

    B&B Monthly Photo Contest--August--Vote

    the stairs for me, i would have voted for the boots but shifty bruhling put in 2 pics?
  14. Kenno

    New Camera Suggestions

    For what the guy wants to use it for I think it will be a fine camera and have seen great shots taken with it in jpeg that has plenty detail. I have the lx3 and it can take some great shots.
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