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  1. KeenDogg

    Watch Ya Wearing

    Picked up a Flyback on the cheap. I like it. Not too flashy, not too mundane. Kinda in the middle. Gonna grab a new band for it. A good everyday watch.
  2. KeenDogg

    WTB Empty MWF jar

    Buy the jar and soap, then BST the soap or keep it for your reserve! 😊
  3. KeenDogg

    Manual Typewriter Users?

    I just was gifted two Underwoods. Have any of you guy ever dismantle one and rebuild it? I am going to attempt at least one of these bad boys!
  4. KeenDogg

    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    Wow, Pete! Over to Chris and Chris I assume?
  5. KeenDogg

    Captain's Choice Hospitality

    As my dad would say....he is "good people".
  6. KeenDogg

    Welcome, Kaos

    Nice to meet you!
  7. KeenDogg

    How to be a Good Server OR How to Convince an Entire Shaving Forum You're a Jerk

    I see you have met old Springs1. Lol. Golden.
  8. KeenDogg

    Just got this ...

    The hunt continues!!!! Great score.
  9. KeenDogg

    Bunch of bull.

    He clearly has had lunch with Springs1. It could be old Springs or even Stan! I gotta run, I'm Kramering a batch of kraut in my bathtub to go with the sauerbraten. Auf Wiedersehn!
  10. KeenDogg

    Bunch of bull.

    Jim, I imagined you doing a Groucho Marx voice....hahaha. Seriously though, she sounds like a great gal.
  11. KeenDogg

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" February 15th - February 21st, 2021

    Classic with a twist of Graydog! McCoy mug, Metal Black Tip, Graydog Synthetic, Captain's Choice unscented, and Land Ho! Balm.
  12. KeenDogg

    Canada Only PIF

    Not in, but love the notion!
  13. KeenDogg

    Super Speed PIF

    Not in, but I'm going for A2! Thanks for giving back!
  14. KeenDogg

    Welcome, Esca

    Nice to meet you!
  15. KeenDogg

    two names alike (a B&B classic post)

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