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  1. kd0g

    Said Goodbye to Snickers today one of our Furry 4-pawed children

    Sorry for your loss. I lost two of mine in '13 It's hard to lose family, but they'll always be with us
  2. kd0g

    500th Post Canadian PIF

    My inlaws are Canadien, I'm not in. But I love listening to the way you guys talk; And I don't know if it's throughout Canada or regional, they live in Alberta, and say "right" after everything as much as "eh" Cracks me up. GO REDWINGS!!! Hey Treewhale, my wife is in Edmonton right now...
  3. kd0g

    Who here chooses to Open Carry? Who here Conceal Carries?

    Open carry is legal here in Michigan, but I don't see the sense in it. I have a CPL and only carry concealed. I don't want any BG's knowing i'm carrying.
  4. kd0g

    Uh oh, this could be bad $

    nice start, awesome gift from your great uncle
  5. kd0g

    Bang for buck silvertip brush

    Looks very nice. I've only used a pure badger brush since i've started wet shaving (hasn't even been a month yet) but would like to get a silvertip brush at some point, maybe this could be a decent start.
  6. kd0g

    How many of you are thinking about signing up for the 2014 Sabbatical?

    Ok. So I just started wet shaving, and you can call me a noob... but what is this sabbatical? Making no shave purchases for an entire year from what I can gather? When does it start? Since I'm new I suppose I could buy up a few things. I'm very happy with my merkur 38c for now, I'd just need to...
  7. kd0g

    Let's see your auto pistols.

    Papa, mama, and baby bear. Springfield GI.45, Colt Talo New Agent, and SIG P238
  8. kd0g

    New to B&B

    thanks! that's gotta be close to the razor my grandpa had!
  9. kd0g

    New Member Give-a-way. Join today!

    black handle superspeed?! I do believe that's the razor I watched my grandpa use growing up.. the one that got me into this whole wetshaving thing! sign me up! oh yeh, and I'm glad to be here!
  10. kd0g

    New to B&B

    Hello everyone, I'm Ken, a thirty-something who has been fed up with razor bumps and ridiculous prices for shaving cartridges. I always remembered watching my grandfather use a black handled adjustable gillette. I had for a while been wanting to try a DE razor, had no idea where to buy one...
  11. kd0g

    kd0g's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Ken What are your nicknames/aliases? kd0g Where do you live? Michigan What is your age (or) generation? 34 What are you in the real world? Pharmacy management What is your favorite shave setup? That's what i'm here trying to figure out What...