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Recent content by kcore

  1. kcore

    Thursday Boots

    My wife just got me a pair for my Birthday this past Monday. I got a pair of the captains in brown. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with them and not disappointed at all.
  2. kcore

    Anyone else fancy Parker 21?

    In my experience pens that are jostled can end up with extra ink in the feed and act of but it rarely happens to me. What I normally have to contend with is changes in temperature where if it's cold outside during my commute and then going into a warm building might cause some burping issues
  3. kcore

    Pilot Metropolitan "Stub 1.0"

    I have that same stub nib that I took off a plumix and put on my metropolitan. It does add a little more style to my handwriting. Let us know how it works for you once you get a chance to use it
  4. kcore

    The Deepest Blues are Black

    Thank you for your reviews of all of these inks. I am a big fan of blue blacks and I find that I am actually leaning towards those darker teal colors.
  5. kcore

    New to the Nib

    Hello and welcome. It is a big rabbit hole but a very enjoyable one.
  6. kcore

    A couple cross pens

    That is a really nice set that you recieved. Im sure that they will carry a lot of sentimental value while you use them.
  7. kcore

    Official 2019 Christmas Card Exchange.

    Received my card from @bach_rocks thank you very much it was a very nice card
  8. kcore

    Have an Excellent Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you as well!
  9. kcore

    Official 2019 Christmas Card Exchange.

    Received my card from @Heckle thank you, and that wax seal you used is awesome.
  10. kcore

    Pipe PIF - 2019 1st day of PIFmas

    Thank you I'm in
  11. kcore

    Official 2019 Christmas Card Exchange.

    Cards should be in the mail today. @OtherMoe and @mikeschu received your cards. Thank you for the warm wishes
  12. kcore

    Christmas cards

    I just really enjoy receiving Christmas cards and considering the effort it now takes to send out physical mail as compared to sending a message through our phones and social media its makes it that much more special. I would also say if you are interested in sending and receiving Christmas...
  13. kcore

    Recommendation for minimalist FP pouch?

    Rickshaw Bags makes some really cool pen sleeves just Google them and you should be able to look at what they offer on their website
  14. kcore

    Official 2019 Christmas Card Exchange.

    Im in as well! 1. ajkel64 2. tankerjohn 3. abj 4. Mr5x5 5. OtherMoe 6. Heckle 7. Kcore
  15. kcore

    Jinhao 51A

    I have two of the hooded nib versions and for the price they work great.