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Recent content by Kameo

  1. Kameo

    Otto Roth and the Rotbart razor company

    I chasing him a waaay long. Yestarday some lucky bastard grab me one in front of nose.
  2. Kameo

    Watts Service Safety Razor

    I shurely want one.
  3. Kameo

    A rare or unusual DE? Please share here.

    Me also had one in Mint condition, BEAUTIFUL RAZOR
  4. Kameo

    Anyone got info on the Shavex Zee-Kol DE razor, cirka 1910-15? (Pics)

    I wait for my to come inpatiently.
  5. Kameo

    Anniversary Contest - TEN years!

    Congartulations on anywersarry. all best Its kind a funny whe sombody even remeber that but this 11 may was 20 yaers I start to play pool (billiard) as a sport. I know something litle about that game but on that day I come in our local club on recomendation of one my friend. some 7 months later...
  6. Kameo

    Den Cleanout

    But where is 17 mm Deluxe?
  7. Kameo

    WTB Fatboy

    Pm sent
  8. Kameo

    The Wolfman Mystique

    Well I hope I will get one and reason is not just shaving. You see I Inherited great arm collection from my grandpa, which was lieutenant colonel, and transfered his love to weapons on me. Among others I inherited TsKIB MTs-11, "Russian purdey". Every time I look her I see wish of her maker to...
  9. Kameo

    Do you really need adjustability in a razor? My answer is - NO.

    I want to be get wrong understand but, if you want to see real adjustable razors take some french in hand. I have Lessor le supreme and Gibbs, and they are razor I apsolutelly addore. Specially Lessor. He have that caracteristic asimetrical agressive head. And you het two setings in one click...
  10. Kameo

    OCtober 2019

  11. Kameo

    Big Fellow Big Boy Parade

    Even if thats correct I not even bother to chase him. This is 5 different heads and try to get same razor with only diferent key is something I will pass :-)
  12. Kameo

    Big Fellow Big Boy Parade

    I have shiper for this No 20. And I newer heard or seen three piece version of this razor. Is anywhere picture of there? As I now first 3 piece RFB was from 1931 when Gillette stop production of Big boy family.
  13. Kameo

    Big Fellow Big Boy Parade

    Only No 5 come as three piece. I am preaty shure that No20 not made as a three piece and that only Hybrid is three piece in this family. Deluxe was made from 1920 to februar 1931 and not made in such big number of pieces.
  14. Kameo

    Big Fellow Big Boy Parade

    That is third from the left
  15. Kameo

    Big Fellow Big Boy Parade

    On picture are: 1. Big Fellow old type 2. Big Fellow New improved 3. Big Fellow No20 chromium Deluxe 4. Big Boy chromium Deluxe 5. Big Boy Hybrid Who you think is missing?
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