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    Sort of 3017?

    Although I've been growing a beard since August, I've been keeping my neck and cheeks neat and clean. Since we have such little space in our tiny apartment, I've been trying to concentrate on using up some older product. I've been going back and forth between a half-tub of AOS Sandalwood cream...
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    NFL 2017

    Imagine being a Saints fan! :crying::crying: It reminds me of that scene from Black Sheep where a stoned Chris Farley is detailing the final moments of an unfortunate bug's life. "Alive, alive, ali-DEAD!"
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    Revisiting an Old Friend - Mike Natural Soaps

    Man, I haven't used Mikes in quite a while! His is a soap that has, for the last few years, gone by underappreciated with the influx of so many new artisans. I'm glad he's stood the test of time and is still making his wonderful soaps with no frills! Thanks for starting this thread as a...
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    Hello Friends. What Have I missed?

    Howdy folks! It's been a minute since I last logged in and wiled the day away making merry and bantering about with y'all. It's also been a minute since I shaved (going on 4.5 months growth for the first time in my life). So what have I missed? Any fun updates I should be aware of? Is Art...
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    Office Bingo
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    Eclipse of the sun, Aug 21st 2017

    We set up a test unit last night. I'm gonna take it down tonight and see how it turned out.
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    Eclipse of the sun, Aug 21st 2017

    FAKE NEWS! Those beer cans are obviously AMERICAN beer! Proof that this is a high-quality American sweatshop you see! This kid was thrilled to be able to eat dinner tonight because of his hard work!
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    Eclipse of the sun, Aug 21st 2017

    I agree with Michael's sentiment. This is a once or twice in a lifetime event for me, and I'm right smack in the center of totality (St. Joseph, MO). My only attempt at pictures are with these pinhole cameras my assistant helped me assemble. Everything is ready and waiting for the...
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    Pinhole Camera Project
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    Pinhole Camera Project
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    An Ode to the English Muffin

    Or strumpets.
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    B&B Bingo Shaving Cream Edition

    And rant and rave like a lunatic, and threaten the callers with bodily harm via pitchfork.... did I miss anything?
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    B&B Bingo Shaving Cream Edition

    I would not have had a winning card until Day 17, with Slather. Fun game all!
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    B&B Bingo Shaving Cream Edition

    That's not the hard part. The hard part is putting it back into the tube!
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    B&B Bingo Shaving Cream Edition

    I've had 2 of the last 4 words on my card, but for some reason it seems like a BINGO just keeps getting FURTHER away.
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