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    Who is Who - Our Emeritus Members

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    Welcome Argonaut

    Some of you may have noticed we have another moderator to the Brown Leaf. I couldn't be more pleased and would like to extend a warm welcome. :jump::a5::jump:
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    Anyone ever made a corncob pipe?

    A large ear of field or indian corn will likely give you a better cob than sweet corn due to the larger cob the bigger the ear the better.
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    Nicotine and ribbon cut

    G&H Dark Birdseye, C&D Old Joe Krantz, Petersons Irish oak, and G&H dark mixture are all pretty well up there with the G&H selections being the strongest.
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    Bad taste in Meerschaum, solution?

    I clean my meers with alcohol all the time with no ill effect to performance or coloring. But I don't do the SA treatment in them. If the cleaning you did is still insufficient you might try filling the bowl with activated charcoal and warming in a 150 degree oven, without the stem attached...
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    Happy Wife, Happy Pipe- best "non-aromatic" room note

    Peterson's Irish oak, Rattray's HOTW and Marlin Flake all have decent room notes.
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    Recommendation list for those just starting out

    A lot of good stuff here. I added a link to this thread in the BL GE sticky at the top of the page. A lot of good reading there for the tobacco enthusiast especially those new to the hobby.
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    The Suggestion Box

    Exactly this. In the past I've added threads to the sticky that have added useful information or showed popular participation. In this case I would sticky whenever you let me know your ready. As steward of The Brown leaf you can add to any of the information or institute new threads and I'll...
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    The Suggestion Box

    Great idea.
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    Glad to be here and help out!

    Congratulations Ed! Very glad to have you here in the BL.
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    Borkum Riff. any fans?

    I smoke pretty regularly and don't usually smoke drugstore blends. Some I find decent, but all are too heavy on the PG for me. I know quite a few smokers that feel the same.
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    Pipe Travel Kit

    If its just for the day I use my roll up tobacco pouch and chuck a pipe in my pocket. If its for longer I use an old dopp kit that I fill with a few tins, several pipes in their socks, some cleaners, tamper, and lighter. But I also keep a couple of cobs and jars in the glove box.
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    Letting a pipe rest?

    My great uncle was an avid pipe smoker and all of his were the same make and model rusticated bulldog. I thought he just smoked the one pipe for years until I learned better.
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    Letting a pipe rest?

    I have to say I like to let my pipes have a good rest between days smoked - 7 days for briar 2-3 days for meer. I do reload many of my pipes a couple times a day. I can definitely taste a difference between a clean well rested pipe and on that isn't. I find they also tend to smoke cooler and...
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    Restoring a Meer

    Bees Wax, the application is stepped out in the sticky at the top of the page.
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