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  1. J

    What to look for in first strop? What are compounds and why would you use?

    Just getting into this side of the game. Please be gentle. What should I look for in a first strop? I know nothing too expensive as I will chop it up at some point. What are compounds, and are there benefits to using them? Thanks, Jim
  2. J

    FS North Shore Fatboy, Single Ring and Rudy Vey Brush

    I can say that North Shore restored Fatboys are amazing. Someone will certainly end up with an astonishing piece. GLWTS!
  3. J

    Opinions: Best razor that is available on the market currently

    My apologies for not being specific enough to satisfy most of the criteria that most was hoping for. I was simply wanting to know what razor is best for you, then I was planning on evaluating the answers, and was hoping to make a more informed decision based upon the intelligent responses...
  4. J

    Opinions: Best razor that is available on the market currently

    I was thinking about wrapping up the year with a new razor. I am leaning toward one, which will remain nameless to prevent any enablers from tempting me. But, still not committed to anything at this point. I am looking for razors that are available and obtainable. Not looking to be placed on a...
  5. J

    Mancera Cedrat Boise for Sale

    Pm sent
  6. J

    Midnight Stag aftershave thoughts?????

    If you have used Chiseled Face Midnight Stag aftershave, what is your impressions? This is an aftershave that is not for me. I've spent too many hours under a car changing oil for this to appeal to me.
  7. J

    Newbie looking for Razor under $20.00

    I do not have a lot of razors like many other, have about 20. If I had to spend $20 on a razor to get started, my suggestion is a West Coast shaving solid bar head on about any of their handles. I know this is a DE89 style head, but for me, it is slightly more efficient and has become one of my...
  8. J

    Best ways to break in a boar brush?

    never thought about this way! Thanks for the pro tip!!
  9. J

    Best ways to break in a boar brush?

    One of the boar brushes is a zenith. Now I’m even more excited to get this going!!
  10. J

    Best ways to break in a boar brush?

    How should breaking in a boar brush be accomplished? Bowl lather, face lather, or just general use to break in a boar brush?
  11. J

    Talbot Shaving Author's Ridge release

    Ok, 18:55 EST release time yesterday. All out today. I was one of the lucky ones to get the set. I hope the hype lives up to the soap. This is my first Talbot soap, and I am a bit excited.
  12. J

    Will a standard handle fit on a brass Karve head?

    Will a standard handle fit on a brass Karve head? I was debating about getting a CB Karve in brass, but would like to place a different handle on it. I really like some aftermarket handles and would prefer to use those if they would work.
  13. J

    Pick only one soap: what would it be and why?

    If you had to pick only one soap to use, what would it be and why?
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