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  1. Juanmosey

    Burt's Bees AS black tube definitely worth a try

    Getting harder to get locally. I use it after using splash since alcohol may give slight irritation. Very cooling and scent free for the most part. I'm think maybe Lucky Tiger is similar except it has a scent?
  2. Juanmosey

    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Hot towel/PREP preshave 60 secs Weishi 9306/Astra Stainless Foamy Regular/Yaqi small brush Snakebite AS followed by Burt's Bees AS minutes later 2 pass 9.5+ maybe the best after shaving feeling ever Not shaving for 3 days probably helped a lot.
  3. Juanmosey

    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Weishi 9306 GSB 2x PREP/hot towel prep Barbasol Sensitive Yaqi small brush Aqua Velva Ice Two pass DFS 10/10 as good as I can get
  4. Juanmosey


    FYI 9306s are back to $10 on Amazon. Solid brass too.
  5. Juanmosey

    What's Your Pick for .22LR Accuracy Ammo?

    Didn't you find Thunderbolt really, really dirty? I can shoot CCIs and it looks like the gun was never fired!
  6. Juanmosey

    Impossible BBS in the area under the chin and jaw

    I got BBS in that area today going XTG with a lab blue and a lot of cream. Surprised the Weishi 9306 could do it.
  7. Juanmosey

    What are your favorite Personna blades?

    Just a few minutes ago I shaved with a lab blue and cheap Weishi 9306 and the shave was a 10+. It could not have gotten better. And this is after using Nacet, GSB and the two 7 o'clocks in this razor.
  8. Juanmosey

    Haunted places!

    Back in 1979 (?) I was driving my mom from San Diego to Bridgeport CT. It was getting late and we were in NJ so we thought we'd get a room and finish up in the am. We went to a motel and when we walked into the room I got a real eerie feeling I've never had before. She did too. When I rolled...
  9. Juanmosey

    Treet carbon steel blades

    Who on earth can even use these things????
  10. Juanmosey

    Haunted places!

    Another Old Town story. Back in April I picked up some food outside of an upscale steakhouse. Just before leaving I asked the guy if he had ever seen anything unusual. He said about 2 years ago around 945 pm he noticed a man in Western garb. Since this place is very dark and small (12 tables) it...
  11. Juanmosey

    Haunted places!

    Here in Albuquerque Old Town has a restaurant called the High Noon. ALL the employees have enough stories to write a book. One young man said just before closing said the 5 foot, solid wood wagon wheel which leans against the wall stood up on it's own and flopped over. Another female employee...
  12. Juanmosey

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Weishi 9309 7 O'clock yellow which died halfway then switched to a Nacet. Good blade.
  13. Juanmosey

    Lucky Tiger...the ultimate AS and Face Tonic!!

    I bet it feels similar to Burt's Bees.
  14. Juanmosey

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Weishi 9306/7 O'clock yellow (3)
  15. Juanmosey

    Fine Marvel Razor measured up + first shave report.

    One reviewer said only the R41 was more aggressive but not by much.
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