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Recent content by jstutman

  1. jstutman

    If you could start wet shaving all over again...

    Only thing different would be if I would have known ahead of time my plans to save money would end up turning into a hobby that has actually cost me money lol
  2. jstutman

    How often do you get a hair cut?

    Every time I go to one of those fancy places, they ask if I want to book my next appointment. I never understood that...I look in the mirror daily and on the day that I look in the mirror and say "damn, I need a haircut" I get one.
  3. jstutman

    B&B Bingo Soap Forum Edition 2017

    ***********Copy the starred lines and everything in-between to sign up****************** Sign up list Send a pm to TheVez2 (with email address & card choice), after signing up! 0. Cvargo - card 00 (example formatting) 1. Dangerousdon - card 19 2. Rxdude card 7 3. Graybeard57 - card 17 4...
  4. jstutman

    Recommend me a bar soap

    I typically buy Sterling but found the best bang/buck to be shea butter Yardley's. I as well am going to wally world to pick up some of the Kirk's.
  5. jstutman

    It's a very Cella ( 3P) Christmas - CLOSED PIF

    A very popular PIF. I would really like to have a Celle Christmas :) Thanks
  6. jstutman

    Is Tabasco overlooked these days?

    It's not. It's one of the few hot sauces that come in travel bottles compliant with airline travel on board. I always have it in my travel bag.
  7. jstutman

    When time is of the essence

    I keep a shave stick and a 47c in my car
  8. jstutman

    About those Broad Nibs

    So I usually buy F or EF nibs when I buy my pens but I always read topics and posts when people talk about these Broad Nibs. I wanted to try one to see all the hype so I purchased a Pilot 78G Broad. I have several of these 78G pen's in F and EF but these Broad tips have a uniqueness to them. I...
  9. jstutman

    Help with Stationery and Notebook Recommendations

    I started by finding it on Amazon and the reviews said the quality of paper is not the same. (This was not the notebook but the writing pads) I then went to Staples and tested a sheet using several pens and they do indeed bleed through. I wish it was not the case cause these were affordable...
  10. jstutman


    I believe it is a warm shower? The reason I believe is this is how I learned how to use the sauna's found all over Iceland 1. Shower in Warm water to clean yourself as well as open the pores 2. Sauna-Top-Hot-Bottom-Cooler 3. 10 minutes 4. Rinse/Repeat
  11. jstutman


    tldr I applied Proraso Preshave, and then shaved with some Vostok and finished by using Osage Rub. I guess the Mod was jealous of all the excitement I was having shaving.
  12. jstutman


    Shoot! I used cold well water but I will try ice water next time. I am still trying to figure out why i was edited.
  13. jstutman

    Oh man, B & B is an influence on my family too

    I love it! Totally framing material....ok maybe fridge material :)
  14. jstutman


  15. jstutman

    Next step to a real pen

    It is indeed a safari
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