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  1. jsrdrnr

    armpit shaving tips

    I use the same blade for my legs and pits. Need little pressure. Angle has a lot to do with it though. You can go vertical and horizontal but I dont advise going at an angle until she has her technique down really well...just too much room for error. A different blade for the pits is not...
  2. jsrdrnr

    Got a littl' Captain in me....

    And thank the heavens for that!!!! :lol1: :001_smile
  3. jsrdrnr

    Finding space for your shaving supplies

    Neat idea. Something for me to consider for sure.
  4. jsrdrnr

    Got a littl' Captain in me....

    Well, it is New Year's Eve. I am here at my Father in Law's. He has gone to bed and the wife has Lifetime on the TV. I hate Lifetime. Being a chick, you would think that I would have an appreciation for the network, but no, I dont, I loath the network. It is horrible, IMHO. So, I sit here...
  5. jsrdrnr

    A Question for the Runners

    This brings up some very interesting points on proper form. I have no clue what that is and I do tend to strike from heal to toe as that is how I was taught as a kid to run. I have been wearing my VFFs now mostly all the time and am planning on starting in those I think.
  6. jsrdrnr

    A Question for the Runners

    Last time I got running shoes, I got them from a local running store. I was not put on a treadmill. They did 'examine' my run though. I dont remember if I got pronators or not but that does sound very familiar. I do walk on the outside of my feet though and I have high arches. This I know...
  7. jsrdrnr

    A Question for the Runners

    I do live on the coast. Getting the seafood will have to take some looking into but there is always something in season. There is a farmers market right down the road, so that will help in the summer. I dont know where the butchers are but the telephone book will take care of that. You have...
  8. jsrdrnr

    I have officially graduated from university with Honours

    Congrats!!! Just starting on my BS in Psych in Jan!!!
  9. jsrdrnr

    A Question for the Runners

    I like what I am hearing so far. Now, you know, I am going to try to throw a monkey wrench into your equation. The only source of income for my husband and I is his SSI. We get state help for food. Lets just say that with his SSI and the food help we still have less that $1000/month. We...
  10. jsrdrnr

    New to posting, long time lurker

    Welcome to B&B!!! Enjoy your journey!
  11. jsrdrnr

    New to B&B - Any advice for a female shaver?

    First off, I would like to welcome you to B&B!!! I am a lady DE user and love it!!! I am going to give you my take on your questions. It is really not that difficult to get those intimate places. First you need to take your time. Second, I usually trade in my Lady Gillette (essentially a...
  12. jsrdrnr

    Female approved

    My hubbie has a bottle and I love it. It is approved by this woman!
  13. jsrdrnr

    A Question for the Runners

    I started this last year. I am very over weight. I thought if others could do it...so could I. After 3 months I was still walking as fast as I could and that was less than 2.5 mph. I could sometimes get up to that for a bit but would come back down. My best was still a 23 minute mile. It...
  14. jsrdrnr

    Rest In Peace Harry Morgan

    Loved him in MASH. Never saw him in anything else.
  15. jsrdrnr

    Feather Blades

    Welcome to the wonderful world of feathers!!!!