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  1. JRL

    Ikon Slant X3 or Parker Vairiat ?

    The Merkur 34C was one of my early razor purchases, many years ago. I continue to like it -- decent shaves, but not very comfortable for me. Anyway, I've acquired many razors since the 34C. Only a few were really better -- until I got my Rockwell. That was a little over 18 months ago. It's...
  2. JRL

    Astra SP - Possibly Dangerous Manufacturing Defect?

    I'm back with a quick follow up. Thanks to all who took the time to provide feedback -- much appreciated. The defective blade came from a box of 5 -- it contained 1 other similarly defective blade and 3 normal blades. Out of curiosity, I looked at blades from 5 other boxes and found no...
  3. JRL

    Astra SP - Possibly Dangerous Manufacturing Defect?

    I'm a big fan of Astra SP blades. I rarely use anything else. This morning, I was surprised when my fingertip caught on a very sharp corner on the tab at the end of one of the blades. I've included an image to show what I found. The right end (2) is normal. Both corners of the tab on the...
  4. JRL

    I think I found my Holy Grail

    I got my Rockwell S6 in early February, and have been shaving with it exclusively ever since. I started at plate #2 , and gradually worked my way up the line. I've been using #5 for the last week or so, and it is outstanding. It's extraordinary. It's fantastic. I need a thesaurus. The...
  5. JRL

    Pet bowl shaving dish

    Interested in hearing how it worked for lathering. It seems the customary advice is that the bowl/cup/mug will produce better lather if there's some sort of texture. I've never tried to make lather in a totally smooth container. How'd it work?
  6. JRL

    Gillette Slim settings

    I have a 34C and it's a long-time favorite. It's my benchmark for middle-of-the-road razors. I also love my adjustables -- I have 2 Slims, a Black Beauty, and a FatBoy. Of course YMMV, but in my experience, setting the adjustables to 7 (plus or minus 1) comes closest to the 34C. And FWIW, I...
  7. JRL

    Merkur razors customer satisfaction survey

    I certainly sympathize. There's no way a virtually new razor, used a dozen times, should be pitting. While I understand your desire to contact the manufacturer, you might have better luck contacting the vendor who sold you the razor. PS -- I'm not sure where your information comes from, but...
  8. JRL

    Sad day

    I am sorry for your loss. been there .... done that .... multiple times As much as I enjoyed well-crafted ceramic bowls and mugs, I came to realize that, in my bathroom at least, they were never going to last very long. I broke and replaced the first one, and then the second, and the third...
  9. JRL

    Soap Reviews for and from the Frugal Shaver

    Thanks to all the contributors. For those of us who are retired, semi-retired, or almost retired, there's nothing better than finding a good quality, low-cost substitute for a high-priced product. Keep up the good work!
  10. JRL

    Superlather cheating - mixing cream and grated soap or flakes?

    I know I've mentioned my mix-ups before, but since you asked, I'll repeat myself a little. In my experience, a pre-mixed superlather works great. I continue to experiment, by my current favorite is something like this: 2oz Dove 2.5oz VDH Deluxe 3 Tbsp KMF mint 2 Tbsp Headslick...
  11. JRL

    Matador "El Gordo" vs Razorock "Mission"

    My Matador "El Gordo" gets a lot of use. The handle is the right diameter for me, very comfortable to grip, and now that I've packed it with lead shot, the weight is awesome. I'd love it more if the knurling were a little deeper, like my Weber Bulldog handle, but that's an unfair comparison...
  12. JRL

    Ummm not really sure about this one.

    FWIW -- a couple of years ago, I injured my right thumb (the hand I shave with). Nothing very serious, but holding the razor put pressure on a sore spot -- it was just uncomfortable. I had some foam tubing left over from another project -- sort of like this: I cut off a couple of inches and...
  13. JRL

    Thoughts on new (new one for me) razor

    It sounds like we are at similar places with our Webers. I got mine about 10 days ago -- loved the way it looked and felt in my hand. The first shave was a bit of a surprise -- far more aggressive than I was expecting. I did a bit of damage to my neck and jaw line. (For reference, my...
  14. JRL

    Gap Sizes on Gillette Adjustables Are NOT All Created Equal

    I love the discussion, and am very grateful for the information. FWIW, I think it's important to keep in mind that (even assuming flawless measurement technique) the results apply to the individual razors in your collection. Does that mean that those razors left the factory in exactly that...
  15. JRL

    Center Punch Brass Handle

    Surprised to discover some minor differences between similar-looking center punches. I picked one up on EBay from a source called "fixfind." The price was actually a little less than Harbor Freight's online price, so I bought one -- got it a couple of days later. Not long after, I happened to...
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