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    Geneva Cutlery Co. Razor. Is it a knock-off ? ?

    120 grit to start is to coarse. Try 400 and work your way up to 2000.
  2. joshua82

    New scales for Halls Electro Temper 8/8

    The blade is marked Halls Electro Temper, the face has Barber and an R, probably once was marked barber razor or rattler. It's got light pitting throughout but I feel the pitting adds a little character. The scales are made from redwood burl and it has some very nice birds eye burls and lots or...
  3. joshua82

    Deer season. how'd everyone do?

    I got one, so I guess I did ok.
  4. joshua82

    Let's see those knives!

    Bradley mayhem.
  5. joshua82

    What is your EDC knife?

    Bradley mayhem balisong.
  6. joshua82

    Wm. Hargreaves in Horn

    Great job! Are you using stacked washers or old stamped ones here?
  7. joshua82

    My take on the Mappin Lancet, dressed in Ivory

    Jeez oh peas, that is beautiful!
  8. joshua82

    New scales for 19/16 GB and Anchor straight

    The G10 has red and black layers. The red is pretty light and hard to pick up on a camera without perfect lighting. I get my G10 from masercraftsupply.com. They have all kinds of neat materials to work with.
  9. joshua82

    13/16 roundpoint in Yellow G10

    I really enjoy seeing your new creations. Top quality work.
  10. joshua82

    New scales for 19/16 GB and Anchor straight

    I made the scales and wedge from red/black G10. This is one of those blades where I do enjoy the look of the pitting. It adds some character. There is a little chip that I still have to hone out before I can shave with it but I couldn't wait to post the pics. The first two pictures are the...
  11. joshua82

    Acquisitions for February 2012

    I know some of this isn't shaving related but these are sharp pieces of steel so some of you may be interested. The top knife is a bradley mayhem balisong (butterfly) knife, the razor is a GIGANTIC 19/16 GB and anchor marked blade (thank you Grump) and the bottom knife is a pro tech brend...
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    New van halen

    It sounds like a bad wedding band doing a cover of a van halen tune that was never good enough to make it onto an album. No disrespect intended towards any VH fans.
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    Got me a cool Frederick Reynolds

    I've never used oil and wood hardener together so I don't want to say one way or another. Oil won't improve the strength of the scales like hardener or CA glue, it just rehydrates them and improves flexibility. All three methods will definitely improve the appearance though so if the delam is...
  14. joshua82

    restoration - wife has an old straight

    That looks like a good beginner resto job. you might not even have to unpin it. just give it a good careful buffing and hone it up.
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