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  1. J

    College Student Roll Call

    Didn't get my first DE and straight until about a year after Uni, and that was about 8 years ago.
  2. J

    What Got You Started?

    Growing up, I always thought straight razors and the old safety razors looked really interesting in older shows/movies. The interest was always there, but I didn't get my first DE and straight until after I was married.
  3. J

    Maggard's Razor sale

    Good to know. Thanks
  4. J

    Thather Boar brush give away.

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Went to someone that loves boar brushes so that is great.
  5. J

    Home Security/Deterrent Measures So That You Don't HAVE To Shoot Someone.

    Plenty of good advice. Don't leave blinds/open that allow people to see what is in your house. Don't surround your house with stuff that can be used as cover. Don't leave packages out by the street showing everyone what new expensive electronics/tools/etc you've purchased. I've heard of people...
  6. J

    Thather Boar brush give away.

    Nice! Please count me in. I've wanted to try a boar brush. Thanks for doing this.
  7. J

    Help finding synthetic knots

    Thank you for the breakdown! Amy knowledge about how the colors from Turn N Shave compare to each other?
  8. J

    Help finding synthetic knots

    On the maggard site, how do the light/black/timberwolf knots compare?
  9. J

    Help finding synthetic knots

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find a couple synthetic knots similar to what I tried last year in the synthetic brush passaround. I'll post my thoughts from that thread just so you can get an idea of what I liked or didn't like. They don't have to be the same size. I may get a larger knot. Don't have...
  10. J

    Show your Brush Den!

    Don't think this qualifies, but this is pretty much the only brush I use. My favorite is the one with a wood handle.:biggrin:
  11. J

    Smiles 3

    Congratulations to the winners! Been so distracted I missed out on 1 & 3. Beautiful work as always Graydog and really generous gifts!
  12. J

    For How Long Do You Rest Our SRs?

    Reminds me of how the old razor maker Billy Hukin described it in an interview. He referenced the 'spring' of the steel. Since stropping realigns the edge, I'm not sure what additional benefit resting the blade was supposed to provide. A lot of the razors people are using now have been resting...
  13. J

    Rough grit stone to beat a GD into shape?

    I've been wanting to give one of the cheap diamond sharpening stones a try for chip removal.
  14. J

    SMILES 😁 PIF 2

  15. J

    SMILES 😁 PIF 2

    Please count me in. I could use a smile. Thanks you for the opportunity! Not mine, I just like big lapdog pics haha.