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  1. JonEdangerousli

    FREE B&B Gear!

    d I have not. In the words of my dearly departed friend Lewis Grizzard "It's a ho-ax", LOL.
  2. JonEdangerousli

    What are you listening to?

    Great. Now I have "Here I go Again" stuck in my head. Earworm. Oh well, it could be worse...
  3. JonEdangerousli

    Rolls Razor?

    I am definitely interested. I'll even help you edit it, LOL.
  4. JonEdangerousli

    What annoys you?

    They THREW me in to pub-lick...
  5. JonEdangerousli

    What annoys you?

    "Coming up on the 5 o'clock news, a man was dragged to death today by a maniac in a jeep"
  6. JonEdangerousli

    Need Help With Blood

    LOL! First post in this thread! Welcome aboard. Don't let this bother you. It's bound to happen to everyone at least on some level. Just think what a great story it'll make...
  7. JonEdangerousli

    Need Help With Blood

    You are correct. I would have given credit to the author but I couldn't remember which farker first said it. If you know I'll edit and give proper credit.
  8. JonEdangerousli

    Need Help With Blood

    I don't know. I am working really hard right now in my life to not make assumptions. Given that he's in school he's probably in his early 20's at most, but I was 39 when I got my bachelor's... Then again, as hot as she is, even at 57, I would have hit it when I was 20... Like the fist of an...
  9. JonEdangerousli

    Need Help With Blood

    Yeah, THAT'S the ticket! Just make the girl Morgan Fairchild. /apologies to Jon Lovitz //original skit transcript
  10. JonEdangerousli

    Need Help With Blood

    Ah, just make up a good story about how you got the scar. Make it way over the top so it'll be believable.
  11. JonEdangerousli

    Creative ideas for blade disposal?

    I save them for Halloween
  12. JonEdangerousli

    Hand Washing

    I apologize if someone else has already posted this, I didn't read all the thread: I try to avoid p*ssing on my hands. /obligatory
  13. JonEdangerousli

    What annoys you?

    I found that people stopped sending them to me when I took their email address and signed them up for a ton of email newsletters. My favorite one years ago was to sign them up for the "gay quaker news"...
  14. JonEdangerousli

    Williams soap?

    Welcome aboard Mason! Mama Bear's soaps are first rate, as are Colleen's at thegentlemensquarter.com. Can't go wrong with either.
  15. JonEdangerousli

    What annoys you?

    I've discovered a solution to your problem. The solution is in your post.
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