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Recent content by Johnsebesta

  1. Johnsebesta

    Soap with or without bowl

    Always keep my soaps in their original containers. (Know what they are that way!) My 'bowl' for sometime now has been a Surabachi . For hard soaps I just slice off a sliver or two and press it into the bottom of the bowl.
  2. Johnsebesta

    What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

    I've switched over to a Hispanic Blend, "Cafe Caribe'. 10oz block is very reasonably priced. I make mine in a percolator, and my wife's in a Chemex. Nice coffee either way.
  3. Johnsebesta

    Electric Razor added to Wet Shaving gear

    Used one during basic training. Easier than waiting in line for a sink.
  4. Johnsebesta

    Steep Angle

    Scraping or cutting? The greater the angle the more scraping you'll be doing. Try different angles on different parts of your face. Neck- shallow cutting angle. Cheeks- steeper scraping angle.
  5. Johnsebesta

    My first experience with Derby blade

    At their price, just use them once.
  6. Johnsebesta

    Hypoallergenic watch suggestions

    Cell phone.
  7. Johnsebesta

    shoe polish

    Use KIWI Liquid. Works well on daily wear shoes.
  8. Johnsebesta

    Is it bad that ive never tried Tabac?

    Try it...
  9. Johnsebesta

    What can I use for a slurry stone?

    Agree that I would use sandpaper. If you have two hones... An easy solution would be to just rub their flat sides together. You'll be lapping both at the same time.
  10. Johnsebesta

    What's in your pocket today?

  11. Johnsebesta

    My First Straight Razor is Coming

    Go slow and enjoy. Eating for your straight will give you time to look at You Tube videos of shaving techniques. Remember you don't have to do your whole face the 1st time! Do parts of it that are flat and you feel comfortable doing. Finish off the rest with your usual razor.
  12. Johnsebesta

    Ok- I got caught, anyone else?

    After my 1st try with a straight, my face was 'a little' worse for the experience(;-(. My wife just looked at me and said: just don't do that again, unless someone's at home with you.... So they can call 911 if you need it!!!!!
  13. Johnsebesta

    lightly bumped my first straight on the sink. help!

    Idea, the magic marker trick. Take a magic marker, run it along your razors edge(not cutting into the marker, just light enough to add some color to its edge), once dried, strop it~10x, see if after doing that there's any 'bleeps' on the edge. If not, you might be ok(;-).
  14. Johnsebesta

    SLurry stone or not

    Have to agree with starting off with the 1k first. I also finish off with a pasted strop, Crox.
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