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    One shave and done?

    Feather for 4, 3 pass shaves. The 2nd and 3rd are usually the best.
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    Question For Golfers

    Cant beat boom boom freddy couples however currently i'm trying something along the lines of Steve Stricker (3/4 swing) I've only lost about 15 yards off my drive (310'ish to around mid 290's) but the accuracy has quadrupled. Works better for taller guys who don't need a huge arc to generate...
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    New driver

    Just picked up an 09 Taylormade Tour Burner myself (9.5 loft / stiff shaft) It's fantastic for the current prices (sub 200's). Great trajectory with my club head speed, if you're slower than 100mph i'd recommend the regular flex shaft. I prefer it over the R9's movable weights technology, which...
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    Speakeasy Aquisitions -- March / April 2010

    Not sure if golf equipment falls into this category of gentlemanly indulgences considering Tiger's recent behaviour. But i think the games past speaks for itself here's my recent score: 9.5 degree/stiff shaft 15 degree neutral / stiff shaft 18 degree / stiff shaft If you sneak...
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    Anyone else getting excited for golf season?

    I think I have 2-4 weeks before I'm out there with the Canadian climate. Clubs are gleaming and ready. Masters in 2 weeks isn't helping.
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    Fun with Travel Kits

    These are very cool, **surfs to eBay.**
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    26 also, seeing that 30 was very strange for me aswell.
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    Watch Ya Wearing

    New today! Longines HydroConquest Chronograph.
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    What Is Your Favorite Lifestyle Website?

    +2, hard to find such a great community online.
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    Anyone else watching hockey?

    I'm in Toronto and the horns haven't stopped.
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    New Olympic Gold Medal record for a host Country

    It was ok, I'm only slightly over the moon about today's result :001_tongu
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    Watch Ya Wearing

    Well I've had it for about 6 years and honestly I'm still not 100% used to it. Should be changing in about 24 hours though. :001_smile
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    Watch Ya Wearing

    This guy today, upgrade coming monday!!
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    Noob upgrading from Weishi

    One more HD supporter.
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    What happened to you?!

    Personally my fiance told me to google better shaving methods. I found this site and now shave every day and look forward to it!!!