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  1. johnmrson

    FS Tennis Solingen 11/16 + Widerstrahl Solingen 11/16 both Shave Ready

    The Widerstrahl is sold but the Tennis is still available.
  2. johnmrson

    What do you call those Slim Straight Razors?

    I've always known them as just straight razors. Like everything people have different preferences. I've found them great for shaving under the nose.
  3. johnmrson

    Blade Size?

    Most razors are from the edge to the top of the spine. The exception I've found is a lot of French razors. They measure larger than stamped.
  4. johnmrson

    Purpose of the barbers notch

    The reason has been lost to time. We can speculate as to what we think it's for but unless someone finds an old document describing it's use it'll just be open to guess after guess.
  5. johnmrson

    How long, and at what grit, will all the sratches be gone?

    I generally do somewhere between 60 and 80 laps per stone (1k, 2k, 5k, 8k & 12k). You can generally feel when a stone has finished it's work on a razor. After the 1k, I test the bevel set with shaving some arm hair. That tells me if I can move on or need a few more laps.
  6. johnmrson

    White beard

    Since my beard went white (well grey and white), I've found that I have to be more diligent about touching up my straights in order to get comfortable shaves.
  7. johnmrson

    Iwasaki ?

    My understanding is that they weren't. If not stamped tamahagane, they are standard high carbon steel.
  8. johnmrson

    Which shavette do you recommend?

    I'm not a fan of the shavettes that take half DE blades. For me it'd either be a Feather or a Kai.
  9. johnmrson

    Please help with info / bengall blade?

    Bengall was by far the most popular brand of straight razor sold in Australia, which isn't a bad thing because they're really good shavers. Hard to date the razor but with some searching it shouldn't be to hard to find when Gillespies operated in Deniliquin. There are many variants of etching on...
  10. johnmrson

    FS Tennis Solingen 11/16 + Widerstrahl Solingen 11/16 both Shave Ready

    Tennis Solingen 11/16 shave ready. The blade measures 17.6mm which makes it 11/16 in size. Scales are not original but fit the blade perfectly. All original gold wash still on the blade suggesting that it's had very little use. Jimps on both the top and bottom of the tang for a good grip...
  11. johnmrson

    FS Dovo Fritz Bracht 11/16 shave ready

    Price Drop $68 which includes standard international postage ($8 extra if tracking required).
  12. johnmrson


    I live in an area that is very humid for around 8 months of the year so I usually give my blades a wipe with a very light coat of camellia oil.
  13. johnmrson

    Filarmonica eBay find (I hope!)

    Definitely looks real to me.
  14. johnmrson

    Stainless? How to deal with humidity and rust

    Hey David, the collection numbers around 50-55 these days. Still rotating through them all on a daily basis. Since moving to QLD, humidity has definitely been more of a problem but a light coat of camellia oil keeps the rust away. My wife runs the aircon a fair bit during the more humid days so...