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  1. john parker

    Dress shirt collar size woes

    Thanks, yes, I have bought a set. Have only tried it once so far. Don't normally have an occasion to wear a tie, but will check it out a few more times before deciding.
  2. john parker

    PIF: One of my favorites: Cella (Dog not included.)

    Have never tried Cella, and would love to. Please count me in! Favorite soap at the moment is my last tallow AOS sandalwood. Never thought it would save that, because I don't think it smells all that much like sandalwood. But the scent is pleasant enough, and the lather is super great!
  3. john parker

    How does one get the tiny soap samples into a bowl?

    I read all the above with amazement and envy! I have never, ever had any success making these small soap samples into a useable lather despite having tried every method listed. I find the samples useful only for getting an idea of the scent.
  4. john parker

    Info Wanted on Valobra Soap

    Seeing the end of my AOS tallow sandalwood soap. Believe the reality or popular theory was that the AOS tallow shaving soap was made by Valobra. If that is so, can anyone tell me if the current Valobra soaps have the performance of the old, tallow AOS. Thanks!
  5. john parker

    Almond Scented Soap Recombination

    I will quietly and happily stick with my D.R. Harris Almond Soap!
  6. john parker


    I use Fine's Green Vetiver, and haven't noticed any menthol (which is fine with me). Honestly haven't reviewed the ingredients, but if I had noticed menthol I wouldn't have bought it.
  7. john parker

    Telephone Exchanges

    Grew up in the country in western Illinois. Numbers? No one had numbers. Cranked our phones. Our "number" was two shorts and a long. Oh, and you called "central". No operator.
  8. john parker

    A seven shave blade.

    Only 7? Polsilver, Rubie and Perma-Sharp last me at least seven; often more. (Two pass shaves)
  9. john parker

    Pick only one soap: what would it be and why?

    At the moment I would be included to go with all those who have said Tabac. Something I noticed shaving with it this morning (beyond a great shave) is that I think the scent goes with many fragrances. Vetiver, lavender, Habit Rouge, sandalwood. Just all kinds.
  10. john parker

    Dress shirt collar size woes

    Comforting to know I am not the only one that that happens to!!
  11. john parker

    Thinning the wardrobe

    Two thoughts. Have kept clothing over long periods of time waiting for the day when I will fit into them again. Beginning to realize that that isn't going to happen. Second, read somewhere not too long ago that the largest component of U.S. trash is cloth. Interesting.
  12. john parker

    Dress shirt collar size woes

    Wow! Good point! Only reason I would do this would be to get a correct collar size! Not to sound too ignorant, but what is a "ball size" relative to neck measurement?
  13. john parker

    Mr. Fine soaps

    Thanks! Had not seen the ceramic bowl before. But I will probably stick with the plastic one for travel purposes.
  14. john parker

    Mr. Fine soaps

    Bought my Fine Vetiver through Amazon; comes with container or without there. Container is just a plastic tub but it does work with the refill.
  15. john parker

    Finally, A&E Samples!!

    Bought a sample of the vetiver. Tried it today. Had same trouble i always have with these small samples; lousy lather production. The scent was about the same as Fine Vetiver, except Fine is slightly stronger. Really want to compare the lather of the two but today's results left much to be...