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  1. Joejitsu

    Grapefruit Scented Aftershave and/or AfterShave Balm: Recommendations Needed

    I used the TOBS Grapefruit cream this morning followed by Aqua Velva Musk. SWMBO and I thought it paired up pretty well.
  2. Joejitsu

    TOBS Grapefruit Shave Cream

    I used the Grapefruit for the first time this morning. The scent is wonderful; clean and crisp. It smells like a just-cut grapefruit. And like all TOBS creams, the performance is wonderful.
  3. Joejitsu

    International TOBS Week

    I used the Grapefruit this morning for the first time. That cream in fantastic, scent and performance.
  4. Joejitsu

    Captain's Choice Lime sign up thread - at last!

    PM sent. I am always a day late and a dollar short. Please count me in for the Paypal sample. Love the Bay Rum and would be happy to be a part of helping you with the Lime AS.
  5. Joejitsu

    40% off Bath & Body Works coupon good thru 2/24

    CO Bigelow is identical to Proraso Green tube. It's made for CO Bigelow by Proraso.
  6. Joejitsu

    Favorite TOBS scent?

    Eton College
  7. Joejitsu

    Excited to Get some Cella! What should I expect?

    Expect an excellent smelling, wonderful soap that will last quite a while. Always in my rotation.
  8. Joejitsu

    TOBS Eton. Wow!

    One of my favorites and priced very nicely compared to the other two Ts of English shaving cream.
  9. Joejitsu

    Ode To the Pro 49

    I have the Pro 48. The thing just devours soaps. Great brushes.
  10. Joejitsu

    Drugstore.com - 15% off Entire Order + Additional 5% off Coupon

    Thanks OP. TOBS buy 1 get 2nd 50% off and then 15% off total order (extra 5% coupon code did not work), comes to $16.21 with free shipping (since order before discounts > $25.00). So about $8.10 per TOBS delivered. Not bad.
  11. Joejitsu

    Shark Super Stainless Blades - Not much risk of Nicks with These Ones.

    I love them. Close comfortable shave no nicks, cuts or razor burn, even on the sensitive neck area.
  12. Joejitsu

    Peeling Paint

    I have had the Semogue 1460 with a painted wood handle for about 4 months and drop the entire brush in hot water in the sink while I shower and have not had a problem with the paint.
  13. Joejitsu

    What was your last shave of the year?

    Merkur 34C HD razor Shark Stainless Steel blade Semogue 1460 boar brush CO Bigelow cream Clubmen Bay Rum Took the day off. Nice leisurely shave.
  14. Joejitsu

    Do badger hair brushes normally stink?

    I had no smell on the Vulfix Super Badger I purchased, but the Omega Pro 48 Boar was pretty bad. You may want to try the following: http://www.bruceonshaving.com/2010/10/10/a-beginners-guide-to-boar-brushes/
  15. Joejitsu

    My first boar brush

    Try this if you are getting a bit of piggy residual from the brush: http://www.bruceonshaving.com/2010/10/10/a-beginners-guide-to-boar-brushes/ It worked for me.
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