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    Colonial General V2

    Looking forward to the first review from someone with the V1 vs V2, I wonder if it’ll come from me haha
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    Desert Island or Holy Grail Razor?? Share your Journey!

    I started with a Merkur 34C which, with my terrible technique, really chewed up my face. Feather AS-D2 was night and day, but the Colonial General in stainless is the one for me. AC razors are the way! Haven’t tried GEMs though which I’ve heard are as good.
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    Colonial General's Seem to go Fast

    If I were them I’d be pumping those things out, they’re missing out on a lot of sales. Wonder if they’ll take any of the innovation from the Vector and try to make The General less bulky. Eagerly awaiting the V2.
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    Colonial Razors

    Any news on the V2 General?
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    Sensitive skin and straight shaving

    TOBS Jermyn Street is made for sensitive skin and worked very well for me!
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    List of hard to obtain modern razors.

    Whoa didn’t know there was a v2 coming out! Any idea when? V1 stainless pretty much ended my search for new razors.
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    List of hard to obtain modern razors.

    Colonial Razors. Still hoping they’ll restock their SEs but not holding my breath.
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    Duke 2 or something else?

    I was shocked when I saw the Simpson lineup in person by how small most of the brushes are. Even the Chubby 1 is smaller than I thought I would’ve been OK with but find it perfect. Also there’s a large jump when going for the Chubby 2 which I found too large, and the Chubby 3 which in Pure I...
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    Duke 2 or something else?

    I bought a Chubby 1 in Super and haven’t found anything I like more. I’m a believer in spend a little more the first time so you don’t have to worry about upgrading later.
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    Hoe many use pre shave oil?

    My thoughts exactly. I wouldn’t shave if I didn’t have any, but eventually stopped using it. I wonder if switching to “better” soaps/creams also made it unnecessary. Last but not least, I switched to an SE so kinda tough for me to point to one factor.
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    single edge vs double edge - change in trend?

    Has anyone heard anything negative about the Schick Proline blade? That’s a hard blade to beat and it has some tough competition from Feather.
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    ATT SE1 vs Razorock Black Hawk

    I have a black hawk v2 and a stainless steel General, which I’ve heard is very similar to the ATT. The weight of the black hawk didn’t work for me and the General might be the last razor I ever buy. Big difference to me in weight which I liked but if you like the black hawk you may not like.
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    Artist Club SEs - keep them or sell them?

    Colonial really needs to bring The General back. In stainless I think it is the perfect razor.
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    Advice on first pair of Red Wing boots

    The Red Wing cushioned insole was a game changer for me. Would recommend to anyone who owns a pair of Iron Rangers, not just the OP. Cheap too.
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    Advice on first pair of Red Wing boots

    Iron Ranger is my favorite piece of footwear I’ve ever owned. Years old and still look almost new. I recommend the cushioned insole.