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    Post a photo of you having a smoke...

    A little Sancho for the afternoon!!
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    Wetting/Slobbering the cigar while smoking...

    All the above are great points but for me the real problem with chewing on a cigar and all the slobber is it affects the draw of the cigar. Once that is wrecked whats the point. Draw is so important in the overall experience of a cigar and when you mess it up the cigar in my opinion is done.
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    Custom scuttles or mugs.

    thanks for the info!!
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    Custom scuttles or mugs.

    Anyone know of anywhere that does custom work on a mug or scuttle? Me and the boys at the fire department were thinking of having a few done with a logo.
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    Johnnie Black vs Green

    Love the Gold, not the Blue! Green is ok! All diffrent. Kinda like shaves, you got to find the one you like!
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    Where to buy a knot

    Perfect, Thanks guys Jerry
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    Where to buy a knot I found this site but really don't have a clue if it is reputable or not. Thanks in advance. Just when I got the razor thing under control now I need to rebuild all these old brushes:eek:
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    Whats a Wilkinson Sword....

    Yes and it has this turn to open knob on the bottom that allows the head to swivel. Actually now that I am playing with it I think I have it figured out. Now to learn a good strop technique. Jerry
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    Whats a Wilkinson Sword....

    ok I guess I have a different sword then the one in the commercial
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    Whats a Wilkinson Sword....

    and how do I make it work?? Got one in a auction and have not got the slightest idea what it does. Off to take a pic of it and then I will post it. Jerry
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    Dad's old SS

    I have my great grandfathers SS and Tech. Love to shave with them. He was a cowboy and a gentleman. I loved him a ton!
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    $70 for all that? Are you kidding?

    I am sure that he is getting another 40 bucks for shipping
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    Cigar Poll & Q's

    You stole my post!:wink:
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    have you used all your razors??

    I have around 50 razors now and last night I was thinking that I had only used about 5 of them. I started out with SS. At work I used a ball tech. Picked up a diplomat and put down the SS. Switched the ball tech to a red tip, and then added a FB to my home rotation. I got a bunch of...
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