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    Just go get a Lamy 2000

    Lamy 2000 is a great pen. I use mine constantly.
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    Opinions on Wilkinson Sword Classics?

    A favorite blade. In my experience consistent and close to Israeli Personnas in performance.
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    What's in your pocket today?

    Lamy 2000 with Namiki blue.
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    Fountain pen newbie saying hi

    Nice looking pen.
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    Favorite Cookware

    There are modern Staub Dutch ovens with a similar design. The underside of the lid has nubs for condensation and braising. I’ve been told the top is designed to load with ice to further this. Beef stew tonight.
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    Favorite Cookware

    Mostly have 30 year old All Clad stainless and some well seasoned lodge cast iron. My favorite thing to cook with is an older LeCreuset Dutch oven that I got on BST years ago.
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    if you had to choose one DE/SE/SR for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

    For me whatever my current setup is. Right now it’s a .84 game changer. It’s more than good enough. I could be happy with almost every razor that I’ve owned over the years, modern and vintage, excepting highly aggressive razors that I don’t have the skill or steady hand to use daily. I...
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    The Converter is Empty

    Lamy 2000 - refilling with Namiki Blue.
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    How many pens do you keep inked up?

    Two at the moment. Lamy 2000 with Namiki Blue and a Preppy with Noodlers Black.
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    Wiki-Wiki-Who's-Got-The-Wiki 1

    I will help as well. Was part of building the wiki templates that are used for products (razors, blades, brushes, soaps, creams etc). The good news is that wikis are made for lots of people to contribute. It’s impossible to break and if you delete or change something and then regret it...
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    What's in your pocket today?

    Lamy 2000 and Pelikan 400NN both with Namiki blue.
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    Wiki-Wiki-Who's-Got-The-Wiki 1

    Great suggestions
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    Wiki-Wiki-Who's-Got-The-Wiki 1

    If we restart, would be good to add social stuff that more prominently recognizes and counts wiki contributions.
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    Wiki-Wiki-Who's-Got-The-Wiki 1

    I along with a few others put person-years worth of work into the wiki years ago. Like the idea of a membership maintained wiki as I find searching threads for information cumbersome and hit or miss. However, do not see the interest in a meaningful percentage of membership. Also lost interest...
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    Vitos Extra Super PIF. Win a chunk!

    Nice PIF! Not in.
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