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Recent content by Jeff C

  1. Jeff C

    Do you shave with two razors on a single shave?

    I was wondering the same thing. I mainly use Croma blades and have two razors. I shave every other day and started using two razors a year or so ago. It works very well. With my Merkur 1904 open comb, I do a WTG and XTG pass which works very well for beard reduction. Then with my gentle EJ...
  2. Jeff C

    What makes Mitchell Wool Fat Soap so popular?

    I'm at a loss to say what makes it popular since I've tried it a few times and find it way too difficult to lather and the lather that exists is not as good as Mikes or Tabac IMO. The scent is kind lof light and fresh but otherwise meh, YMMV. Think I'll be trading mine soon.
  3. Jeff C

    Where is everyone?

    Northern Virginia, great place for tobacco, not so great place for booze.
  4. Jeff C

    Used Mystic Water soap for the first time today

    I tried MW (Sardinian Honey) and could not get a good lather, it was airy and thin and I gave it away after a few frustrating attempts. I think water hardness may have been an issue but this surprised me since I am in the same geographic area where it is made. I have had no problems with lots...
  5. Jeff C

    Headed to The 'Burg - Coffee @ Strip/Downtown area?

    La Prima, very old world feel, great place to visit.
  6. Jeff C

    Fernet Branca

    Fernet is quite strong. I like Rossbacher from Austria. After a hiatus, Hungarian Unicum is now back in some US cities, great stuff if you can find it. http://spiritsjournal.klwines.com/klwinescom-spirits-blog/2013/8/8/das-ist-ein-unicum.html
  7. Jeff C

    Wilkinson Sword Black Box German?

    Couple days ago I was at Bed Bath and Beyond and they had them there for $2 for a pack of 5.
  8. Jeff C

    Rye Whiskey Suggestions

    The LDI distillery in Indiana does indeed make both Bulleit and Dickel Rye, with the later going throug the Lincoln County process after aging. LDI also makes a number of ryes for other private bottlers like Willett. Buffalo Trace also makes Sazerac rye. Heaven Hill makes Rittenhouse. To me...
  9. Jeff C

    Smoked (Ready to Eat) Bacon

    I stumbled upon this product at a new Eastern European grocery store in my town and it is delicious. It is kind of similar to proscuitto or a German style product called Speck but I had never seen it in US stores before and certainly never US made. Anyway, if you get a chance, pick up pack of...
  10. Jeff C

    Knob creek rye

    There is huge variation from year to year and batch to batch of products. Some years a $20 whisky is amazing, other years flat and dull. I have not tried Dickel rye but probably will. It is distilled at LDI and then gets filtered in the Dickel/Tennessee style maple charcoal style. I cannot...
  11. Jeff C


    I cannot stand chicken livers, beef livers are pretty good, also had lamb once. Bison is my favorite, a little firmer than beef. I only cook 3 minutes per side over medium high heat and douse the heck out of it with Indian spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander, pepper, garlic, onion, very...
  12. Jeff C

    Had bone marrow for the first time last night. Disappointed.

    I've never had it with the bone cut open length wise, that's odd. Rather, I have just had it cut at a right angle to the bone, imagine a femur cut in half in the middle at a right angle and you get the idea. Love me some marrow on the Ray's Burgers. Unlike others that cook it at 450, I settle...
  13. Jeff C

    Knob creek rye

    It is on my list. I am not crazy about the LDI distilled ryes of which Bulleit is one, as is some of the private label Willet ryes. Dickel Rye is also made at LDI. A few years ago, regular Rittenhouse BIB blew me away, later bottles have not been so good. This brings us to Beam. Some rye...
  14. Jeff C

    My Adventures of cleaning an estate Meerschaum Pipe

    What I do on my Meer to control cake is after every two smokes wait for the pipe to cool and take a folded bristle pipe cleaner and rub it around inside the bowl. Then I take the short blade on my Swiss Army knife and just gently scrape it against the inside of the bowl so the angle of the...
  15. Jeff C

    My Adventures of cleaning an estate Meerschaum Pipe

    That cake is way too thick for a Meerschaum. This might be a silly question but are you absolutely sure it is African meerschaum? I know there are some floating around but I was told my a knowledgeable pipe person that they are quite difficult to find although of course you could find them on...
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