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  1. jd1585

    Crabtree & Evelyn anyone?

    I happened to pop in a CE store in Maryland and I found they brought back sienna cream in the tube. One of my favorites. I want to try the soap next.
  2. jd1585

    C&E Sienna cream

    After some research it seems that Crabtree and Evelyn no longer sell my favorite sent Sienna in a cream in the US. I read somewhere online that TOBS has a scent that is similar, however, my mind is failing me and I can't remember the scent that was supposed to be close (maybe rose?). I am hoping...
  3. jd1585

    Two bad blades in one pack?

    So I have been working my way through all my blade samples and after originally ruling out derby as the worse blade ever, I decided to give them a third shot. Let me say the first two attempts at derby blades left me horribly irritated and questioning wet shaving. A year later I got an ok shave...
  4. jd1585

    Shaving cream drying up during shave

    I recently ran out of my art of shaving cream and decided to go cheap with a tube of C.O. Bigelow shave cream. I heard it was the same as proraso which is highly regarded and it was only 5 bucks so I figured why not? I liked the menthol at first but the stuff literally dried up during the ten...
  5. jd1585

    Derby No Winner

    Derby blades almost made me switch back to cart shaving.
  6. jd1585

    Newbie: Derby v Astras

    I had a terrible experience with Derby. I much prefer Astra but I only get 3 good shaves out of them.
  7. jd1585

    Razor bumps - what did I do? Pics included

    Thanks for the advice. I thought I would ad I picked up some of the AOS ingrown hair night cream. It was expensive but stuff is amazing. bumps almost gone this morning.
  8. jd1585

    Razor bumps - what did I do? Pics included

    Hello friends, I am still just a few months into wet shaving and things have been great razor bumps gone and I find myself enjoying shaving instead of dreading. I have been cruising along try new blades and on my fourth shave with an Israeli red I got the worse attack of razor bumps I have had...
  9. jd1585

    Just finished my first soap puck...

    +1 for C&E Sienna my go to so far.
  10. jd1585

    Crabtree & Evelyn anyone?

    Can you drop me a link on where to purchase cheap?
  11. jd1585

    Crabtree & Evelyn anyone?

    I can find other C&E stuff pretty easily around my city but the Sienna sent is the one that is hard to find. I found it on three sites ebay, Amazon, and C&E with few left in stock and long ship times and only the soap not the cream. What sites do you suggest?
  12. jd1585

    Crabtree & Evelyn anyone?

    I am having trouble finding the Sienna is it discontinued?
  13. jd1585

    PIF: Blades you DO NOT have (never ending PIF)

    If the treet are available I am interested. I have a few blades I could swap just pick your pleasure. Gillette yellow, green, or blue. Derby you can have a full box Feather Wilkinson
  14. jd1585

    Post your shave dens!

    I can't believe how much stuff I got in just three months.
  15. jd1585

    Noob question - mug with spout

    This is probably a stupid question, but I will ask anyway. What is the significance of the shaving mugs with the spout like the one is this link? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyRAavz_X-E
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