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  1. JCULL

    pre shave ?

    I use Noxema or Cremo menthol as
  2. JCULL

    Looking for Fellow Albertans

    Seems this thread has been resurrected
  3. JCULL

    Badger and Synthetic Mix??

    WoW! Isn’t that the shadiest thing you ever seen?? Talk about being a con artist. Giving people the impression your turning your own handles by slapping a coin in them then giving it a 500 percent mark up or more. Pretty shameful
  4. JCULL

    Rockwell 6S - first impressions (and comparison to Variant)

    I just received one yesterday but I also received a Sabre and the Sabre won for that shave. See what tonight brings. Thanks for the review
  5. JCULL

    Best AS to pair with ANY soap?

    Are you looking for scent or want feel?
  6. JCULL

    Curious what folks think of Cremo

    I use Cremo as a preshave and have for quite awhile. Can’t be beat imo. It is super slick!
  7. JCULL

    Rotation question

    No set order just whatever I feel that day.
  8. JCULL

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Maol Grooming Wilde Flowers
  9. JCULL

    BBS - not worth it

    Two pass shave daily no BBS and no irritation. That’s what it’s all about
  10. JCULL

    What are TOP contenders for the "Most-est for the least-est" Aftershave ?

    Maol Grooming for me. Sean makes a great aftershave at an affordable price.
  11. JCULL

    Buying in Canada

    If you don’t want to spend a lot. You can find them at some Winners. Amazon has them aswell. I do most my shopping from Carmine at Too of the chain. Top knotch customer service. Etsy is also a great place. I’m in Alberta
  12. JCULL

    Best boar brushes under $30

    Paragon Boar Brush quite possibly could be my favourite brush.
  13. JCULL

    What's your soap for today?

    Wow this is quite the thread! Today I used Stirling Wintergreen glacial. Love Menthol
  14. JCULL

    A&E La Cosa Nostra

    Ya I agree. But it’s so strong! I love it too but I normally shave before bed and my wife doesn’t feel the same about it lol.
  15. JCULL

    Best Linen scent and Best Rain scent shaving soaps or creams

    L&L Grooming after the Rain Linen I find latha oceana or cold river soapworks summertime to be dryer sheet smelling if that’s what you mean?