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  1. jazzman

    Wes Unseld Dead

    I grew up in Baltimore idolizing him (and other Baltimore sports greats of that era).
  2. jazzman

    The greatest 5 member superband ever

    Levon Helm, drums and vocals (sometimes mandolin) Rick Danko, bass and vocals Richard Manuel, piano and vocals (sometimes drums) Robbie Robertson, guitar Garth Hudson, keyboards
  3. jazzman

    McCoy Tyner Has Died

    I was fortunate to have seen him in a small club in DC in the '80s. If you like Coltrane's work when Tyner was in the band, he's worth following on every piece, and his solo recordings are all excellent. Here's a bit of trivia for you: Bob Weir says that his unusual and distinctive rhythm guitar...
  4. jazzman

    What are you listening to?

    As good as it gets.
  5. jazzman

    Jazz Saxophone Legend Jimmy Heath Has Died

    From a family of greats.
  6. jazzman

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Badger & Blade LE 2008.
  7. jazzman

    RIP Paul Barrere of Little Feat

    Little Feat is one of the greatest bands ever, and Paul Barrere was a big reason why
  8. jazzman

    What are you listening to?

    I was really fortunate to see her perform a few times in mid-February. Molly Tuttle is an astoundingly good guitar player. It's not wrong to call her "bluegrass," but she's much more.
  9. jazzman

    FLU SHOTS ??

    (1) Don't get medical advice from a shaving forum. (2) The amount of misinformation in this thread is astounding. Fortunately, several members have come to the rescue. (3) The flu is not a cold, a bad cold, bronchitis, or anything else that many of us get from time to time. (4) I never got the...
  10. jazzman

    Have you been to any concerts/live shows recently?

    Now that Summer is kind of over, let's get this going again: Robert Plant (opening act: Sheryl Crow); Alison Krauss; Dead and Company (CitiField, Queens, NY); Rodney Crowell.
  11. jazzman

    How did you prepare for retirement?

    I was fortunate to have retired at a relatively young age seven years ago. It took me about two weeks to get past the fears of having nothing to do and losing a sense of self-worth without professional responsibilities. Physically, I was headed down a typical, unhealthy path. Since retiring...
  12. jazzman

    What are you listening to?

    Any list of 893 that does not include "Honkey Tonk Women" is a (fill in the blank).
  13. jazzman

    Great Covers

    Goodness, gracious! That one grabbed me by the collar from the first note and refused to let me go.
  14. jazzman

    Great Covers

    My favorite current band covering one of my favorites from the good old days. They won two Grammys last week. This performance obviously is from his pre-sobriety period, but he was great then, too.
  15. jazzman

    The insane cost of event tickets.

    A lot has changed since I paid $5 to see Stevie Wonder open for the Rolling Stones in a baseball stadium in 1972. And since I paid $150 in 1999 to see the Stones a second time in a basketball arena. Live music is still one of the great experiences in life for me, but now I just won't go unless I...