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  1. jadam318

    Getting Some Old Restos Going - Need a Little Help

    The scales on the Greaves are actually wood. I think they could clean up, but I don't really like the way they fit. There is too much space between the tip of the blade and the wedge. . . it looks goofy. Since I don't think they are original (and someone PLEASE correct me if I am wrong!) I think...
  2. jadam318

    A milestone passed.

    Congratulations, indeed!
  3. jadam318

    Getting Some Old Restos Going - Need a Little Help

    Thanks, guys. Fileroman, where is that thread? Also, has anybody had any luck finding this tiny stuff at local hardware stores or anything?
  4. jadam318

    Tell me about Floid blue

    I saw that, too. Is that everywhere, or just one vendor? That's a terrifying thought if it is everywhere! :scared:
  5. jadam318

    The Anything Thread

    That's preposterous! I've never even seen Blake's chaps.
  6. jadam318

    Getting Some Old Restos Going - Need a Little Help

    I didn't want to start a new thread for this, but where do most of you find washers for pins? I'm having a hard time finding any locally, and I'd rather not mail order those unless it is a last resort.
  7. jadam318

    I think I figured out my lather problem

    I've never really thought of rubbing a puck on my face. That's a great idea! . . . hmm . . . MWF face lathering is sounding like a weekend shave . . .
  8. jadam318

    Oregon checkin after a few days of wetshaving (with a Mach 3)

    Welcome to B&B! Let's see if I can answer a question or two for you. I bought a Vulfix 660 super badger brush from Lee's Razors when I first started wet shaving. I paid about $45-50 shipped (I think), and it is the only brush I have ever owned (3 years or so of wet shaving). I love it. I think...
  9. jadam318

    First DE Shave questions

    Welcome to B&B! Definitely don't worry about the sides of the blade sticking out. Your lather might be a little dry, but if it is working well for you it is worth the extra hassle it takes to rinse it off. As for when to change blades . . . Feathers last forever for me. Then again, I only...
  10. jadam318

    Long time member, first time poster checking in...

    Welcome to B&B! I'm not sure I have any suggestions for handling scars and things of that sort. Maybe someone who does will chime in soon.
  11. jadam318

    NEWBIE here.... what will help with razor burn on the neck

    Welcome to B&B! Before you resort to products, double check your techniques. Anytime I get irritation it is because I rushed or kept pressing for BBS. Make sure you are using NO pressure, only the weight of the razor. That applies to DE's and straights. Definitely check out the Wiki that Vlad...
  12. jadam318

    Newbie Check-In/Rocky Transition

    Good stuff, man! Glad its working for you. A little more practice/experience and it will be 'old hat' for you.
  13. jadam318

    I think I figured out my lather problem

    Looks pretty good to me, but the real test is to feel it. Personally, I'm a face latherer. If that is what you like, you should look into shaving sticks. They are basically soaps that are 'on a stick' instead of inside a bowl. You wet end of the stick and rub in on your wet face to transfer...
  14. jadam318

    Hello from San Diego

    Welcome to B&B, man!
  15. jadam318

    Retiredgene Check in

    Welcome to B&B, Gene!
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