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Recent content by JackJ

  1. J

    Transparent barrels

    I very much appreciate the practical value of seeing how much ink I've got left without disassembling the pen. For eye-dropper fills, including my Opus 88 which doesn't have a cartridge or converter option, it's a requirement, for me. I've got a good number of opaque fountain pens, and they're...
  2. J

    Persian Blue plunger fill Sheaffer Tuckaway set.

    Superb. A superbly generous and gracious offer. Thank you for the opportunity!
  3. J

    T1 or T2 for Face Lather?

    I think so, but from reading above, maybe the knots aren't that much different. I'm not too particular about handle sizes, but still, if I had to buy one again, I'd certainly go for the T1.
  4. J

    T1 or T2 for Face Lather?

    I only own the T2, but find it a little larger than my preference. I generally prefer smaller knots, though. 22mm is probably my sweet spot, unless I want to lather my ears, which has not yet been a goal even though I do it often.
  5. J

    The Nib Acquisitions for 2021.

    Here’s my new Traveler’s Company brass. I’m really enjoying my the brass Kaweco Sport, but wanted something a bit more slender as a default edc pen. So far, this one is fitting the bill nicely. Very short when capped, but posts into a an elegant length. The fine nib (the only oem option)...
  6. J

    Proraso Single Edge creams really better than the regular ones?

    I've only tried the Azur Lime among the single edge creams. It's fine stuff, but I don't find it much different or better than the regular Proraso creams. Both are a shade below my favorite creams: C. Salter, Cella Bio, Ach Brito.
  7. J

    Challenge PIF - Astra Superior Stainless Blades - Then And Now

    Doesn't feel that way to me. I should try them back-to-back, but the SP is not a top tier blade for me, while the SS is. Needless to say: ymmv.
  8. J

    Challenge PIF - Astra Superior Stainless Blades - Then And Now

    Got back to the Astra challenge this morning, loading my second contemporary/Russian SS into a Lupo Dual Comb. Lathered MdC Agrumes with a big Omega boar. I find this contemporary Astra to be phenomenal, right up there with the Nacet as a top-of-the-heap performer. Today's three pass shave...
  9. J

    The greatest 5 member superband ever

    Lead guitar, vocals: Dave Rawlings Rhythm guitar, vocals: Gillian Welch Fiddle: Brittany Haas Multiple instruments, vocals: Willie Watson Bass: Paul Kowert Don't need no drummer with this outfit.
  10. J

    Recommendations for lavender fragrance shave products

    I've been enjoying the Ach Brito Lavenda Cream, and just yesterday received a sample of Ethos Grooming's Lavender soap, which is a knockout scent. I believe it has a matching aftershave, which I've not personally encountered, but would expect to be fantastic coming from Ethos.
  11. J

    Mega-PIF 2 - Electric Boogaloo!

    I'm in. Wowser--so very generous!
  12. J

    Most hated meal growing up.

    Does anyone even see beef or calf’s liver in a regular grocery store in the states these days? I don’t see it at the Krogers I frequent, and while they still have a meat counter, I’m no longer able to get specialty things like sausage casings anymore. Might have to visit our one remaining real...
  13. J

    Most hated meal growing up.

    My dad would cook himself liver and onions once every couple of months, but my mom warned us kids it was awful (she truly hated it) and made the rest of us something else instead. Then one day I tried it--cooked correctly, I love it. My most hated was creamed chipped beef on toast, the...
  14. J

    Challenge PIF - Astra Superior Stainless Blades - Then And Now

    Thanks, Grundi, for stating this so well. That's how I feel about these Vintage Astras: A bit of tugging, but no resulting irritation. I'm downgrading them a bit of that, because I'd prefer no tugging at all. However, my overall best shaves these days are coming from the Blackland Vector...
  15. J

    The Importance of a Rigid Blade (or not)

    I get the most audible feedback from my Muhle Rocca v4. I assume that means relatively "unrigid" clamping. But it is among the very best performers of the 30+ razors I own, including quite a few that are in the "rigid clamp" category.
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