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Recent content by izlat

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    What’s your favourite daily brush?

    For daily: Plisson G2 synth with palladium over brass handle or for natural: Zenith Extra Soft Horse in the copper retro handle. The Simpson Emperor 3 Super is also great for daily use but just not my favorite... which may change. Yaqi Sagrada Familia Tuxedo and APShave Co elegant emerald...
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    What's Your Brush Today?

    Simpsons Emperor 3 Super + TAoS Peppermint. Such a great handle and efficient size knot.
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    Did Clubman just unknowingly release a great pre-shave product?

    Just to add a bit of folklore: I read somewhere (probably here lol) that the first TAoS pre-shave oil was concocted by the wife of the founder in her kitchen with whatever oils she already had. Not sure how accurate this is. Also not sure how thick and clogging this first version was.
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    Which to buy?

    I love my Sagrada Familia Tuxedo 24 knot. The 24 Cashmere on my Elegant Emerald is even softer. Both of these could be my only brush (but I do have others, including various badgers, boar, and horse.) No experience with the other brushes mentioned.
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    Brush Advice (Simpson 46)

    I have an idea: if you are interested, I have a 26 Tuxedo flat top Yaqi Galaxy or Mysterious space whatever that I've used twice. Honestly - great performance brush but I don't need it as I have enough others to keep me busy. I can send it to you to try before spending more money on another...
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    Brush Advice (Simpson 46)

    IIRC Simpson says 50 shaves for a brush to break in naturally. Even Super cannot compare to modern synthetics. A Cashmere or Tuxedo knot is going to be super soft from day one, make great lather quickly, and is also cheaper. I haven't tried a Synbad but likely the same, just a bit more backbone...
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    What's Your Brush Today?

    Simpsons Emperor 3 Super + TAoS Peppermint cream
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    Fellow shavers with sensitive skin and low porosity whiskers, which brushes with little to mild scrub and no scritch/scratch do you endorse?

    APShaveCo Cashmere is my softest. I like the Yaqi Sagrada Familia but it's a Tuxedo and you already say this doesn't work. The Plisson synthetics may be OK, both generations. Simpson Super should definitely be out as it's nowhere close to Cashmere or even Tuxedo. I also think it may be the...
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    Timeless Scratch and Dent

    Yes, exactly. Otherwise, I was going to try a dremel myself
  10. I

    What was Simpson thinking?!

    @SterFry A last sliver of hope here: did it at least lose a buncha hairs in the first shave?
  11. I

    Timeless Scratch and Dent

    More power to you @Ad Astra! Having said this, Timeless states S&D works as any regular part and will make things right if something doesn't fit - certainly did for me!
  12. I

    Plisson1808.com Sale

    Yes, my HMW is not a floppy one - unless you compare to Shavemac D01 2-Band. The old L'Occitane and new "white fiber" synthetic Plissons are, indeed, floppy. The white fiber in solid brass handle is also super sparse. Nevertheless, I can whip super lather from my hard soaps with all of them...
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    What's Your Brush Today?

    Chubby 2 Super + TAoS Ocean Kelp cream
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    Shavemac D01 Two-band | Zenith Copper Manchurian | Compare The Two Brushes For Me, Please

    Curious about latest development on these for other folks? I have both the copper Zenith Manchurian and a bulb Shavemac D01 2-Band. Starting with the fact that my knots are very different in size + loft, for me the feel on face is super different, as well. The Shavemac has way more scrub +...
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    Fine closed for good

    ^ but it said above it uses the same base from the facility that's closed
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