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  1. ironfist

    Best fragrance for a manly man?

    Can't remember if i or anyone has mentioned this one, but Denim :)
  2. ironfist

    Question: Does the majority of the World shave with DE's? (outside of the USA)

    I think here in the UK there is some people who DE shave. Can't put an estimate on it though. I would like to see it become the norm, but i image alot of people are content with using carts/foam.
  3. ironfist

    Your rarest razor

    Amazing man! Good to see that your going to use it :) Kinda like me with my darwins, only used them a few times, but nice pieces to have :)
  4. ironfist

    What's Your Breakfast?

    Toast and peanut butter.... 😂😊😋
  5. ironfist

    Your rarest razor

    Had to look that one up - interesting! Its where i was born/live, will need to keep an eye out :)
  6. ironfist

    Two new Taylor's creams: Tobacco and Lime Zest

    Very nice, i agree about the royal forest, top notch stuff. I have the AS also and its amazing.
  7. ironfist

    Old Spice Dupes

    The old spice you can get from india, has a more stronger scent than the stuff we can get in the UK, might be worth having a look on ebay.
  8. ironfist

    La Toja Shave Cream

    As the people above have said, classic scent and great performance.
  9. ironfist

    Trotting Out An Old WarHorse

    That is a fine razor.
  10. ironfist

    Anyone actually saving money?

    Doubt it! Haha!
  11. ironfist

    Danny DeVito Aqua velva ice blue!!

  12. ironfist


    This thread is making me WANT one but i don't NEED one haha! :D
  13. ironfist

    Arko Cream

    I have this and the olive version, infact i used the olive one the other day and used too much, oily shiny face haha!
  14. ironfist

    Vintage Shulton Old Spice Cream

    Neat find, i can smell it from here! :D
  15. ironfist

    New TOBS Fan

    +1 on the Royal Forest :)
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